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  1. Power line adapters are only ever as good as the wiring in your home. That being said, you've got the bare minimum requirements so anything should do you. I'd go tplink myself, cheapest you can find.
  2. Well that's the dumbest logic ever... You don't "not" develop a feature just because one platform doesn't support it.... if it broke support for uses on that platform sure... but it doesn't.... Sounds like a lazy excuse to me.
  3. Just came to play COD WarZone... and when they shove a bloody 27Gb update down your mouth.... it's nice to have that speed.
  4. Mobile is the one I'm looking for. If it's not there... that's life. But it's a nice to have for sure.
  5. Yeah that's cool. So this i get already... but lots of site can use chrome for push notifications... Floatplane has this already for when new videos are posted... just hoping thyme can enable this on the forum
  6. I think this is just the notifications in the top right of the site no? It doesn't notify you unless you're signed in and on the site Joe?
  7. And its not bad advice, especially for those whos need is less, and financial sensitivity is more... but for the sake of the cost of less than 2 pints... I'll stick with the tier.
  8. any chance to enable chrome notifications when posts are make to your thread? Would be very handy, especially on mobile.
  9. Speed, and bandwidth are different things... Sure... I'm not likely to cap out a single connection with the full 2Gpbs... but I have a wife and 2 kids... netflix across several devices can use the top tier... the xbox one and my Steam library can download the latest game updates, I can be on a Teams meeting... my family connecting in via vpn to use my plex library...etc all at the same time with no bottlenecks... This is why I'm asking... is there anything else which might be good to setup... while I cant stump up the hardware like the LTT team did to setup a folding at home server... that type of thing might be the idea.
  10. this is one of the areas I'm looking at... i have a few wifi 6 devices (Samsung galaxy fold, S10, iPhone 11) but no laptops though... and not sure I will make that investment on the laptop just yet... My wifi network is due an upgrade though... but need 3, cost effective access points to get the coverage I need and wifi 6 APs.... ain't cost effective just yet! Lol
  11. €35 euros a month... no cap... and includes my TV package... Only other option was to drop to 400Mbps for €25 a month... so I don't think we get a bad deal here... and no point in saving myself the €10 a month.
  12. why would you not use office 365?
  13. looking for ideas here... I recently upgraded my home connection from 10Mbps... to 2Gbps... Everything as best as possible is hardwired including my WiFi access points... I'm just looking for ideas on what I could spin up to make good use of the bandwidth?
  14. So this is I thinm my better option. I just don't know about any issues getting the top speed across 2 nics
  15. TV does come over it yes... but I think i can get round that with some VLAN trickery. I have seen folks who have had luck just plugging an SFP+ adaptor on the end of the connection coming into the house and then it simply working when plugged into a switch, but wondering how many times this has worked before investing.