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  1. For those interested... this setup is fine for what i want. Well over 120fps in CSGO and world of warships. Fortnite a little less but will in the 80s and 90s. all at highest settings 1080p
  2. Phone... not really... VR headset world... certainly!
  3. Yeah low profile 570 doesn’t exist, only a 560 which isn’t much different to the 1050ti
  4. Needs to be low profile rather than short sadly. is there that much of a gain going from a 1050ti to the rx570?
  5. The case is stock small firm factor, so only fits a low profile card. looking at it though, Zotac seems to make a low profile 1650. Not sure if that’s a good idea or not?
  6. If you can find me a low profile model, I'll happily return the 1050ti. But I can't find any manufacturer who makes one.
  7. Sadly not in a low profile config. There are RX560's in LP config, and 1050TI's, but I don't believe a RX570 LP exists.
  8. smnhdy

    Google fun...!

    If you type the word ‘askew’ into Google, the page will tilt.
  9. Fair enough. thought the title told you all you need to know though
  10. I’m not sure how this isn’t tech news???
  11. HTC bets on former Orange executive to boost sales https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-49726651
  12. Yeah, I was stuck with LP because of the case. That being said i do like the form factor. The 2nd hand market for GPUs here in France isn't too hot... for a LP 1050ti on eBay right now you're looking at at least 170€. If i could have gone none Low Profile yes they are cheaper for sure (by half!).
  13. Hey folks, Let's preface this by saying I'm not an avid gamer, not since the "good 'ol days" of the original Halo on Xbox.... But... I wouldn't mind getting into a little bit of occasional gaming here and there. My computers for the last few years have been portables, MacBooks and ultra portables etc... so I have no desktops to build from, and frankly it's not worth my putting much money into anything from scratch. (I'm more than competent to build one, I just don't feel the value in going all out on a new Ryzen system etc). So... What I've just done is this... I've bought; An old Lenovo Workstation (P92M Small Form Factor, Core i5-3470, 8GB DDR3, 500GB WD Blue) for 150€ another 8GB stick of DDR3 for 29€ (total of 16BGB memory now) 240GB BX500 SSD for 33€ GeForce 1050TI LP for 130€ I already have an LG 29" Ultrawide, all be is only a 1080p 90hz panel, but it will be fine for me. My question is, for a total of 342€ (or 376 USD/302 GBP) could I have done better?
  14. Ok... Maybe don't ask with sensitive ears around... but made me chuckle...