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  1. Klenex

    Msi z370 gaming plus

    If you plan on keeping the 9700K at stock frequency then the that board will manage it, otherwise I would look elsewhere.
  2. Klenex

    Home Network

    ^^ This There is no need to over-complicate things. If you only want to access your CCTV system from your computer, that means both of them need to be in the same network, that is a perfect job for a simple 5-port gigabit switch like Mdgtman91 said.
  3. I've have symmetrical internet speeds for a few years now, always the same speed though. I pay 29€ for 100/100, a few hundred channels (IPTV) and a phone. Speeds up to 1000/200Mbps are available, although 1000/400Mbps used to be the norm, don't know why all the ISP's in the country downgraded to be honest...
  4. Klenex

    Rate the Photo Above you

    That is an awesome shot, so full of detail! 9/10 I took this one yesterday during the Geneva International Motor Show, with a Canon M100 using the 15-45mm Kit Lens and that's it....could of used an ND filter I think to aid with the reflections but oh well...
  5. Klenex

    Rate the Photo Above you

    I know nothing of photography, but it has a really cool "vintagy-vibe" to it. 9/10 I bought a Canon EOS M100 and went on a bit of a hike (this is my first time actually using a proper camera) using the kit lens, 15-45mm.
  6. Klenex

    Linus visits the SKETCHIEST sites on the Web

    Bitdefender uses the dd/mm/yyyy date format, so the subscription actually ends on the 7th of December
  7. That's the funniest bit.... (not that this is funny in the slightest) Every time I get a reply from them, it's always a differente name signing the email
  8. I asked them in plain English: The refund will be made to me or the original buyer? And they said they would give me the refund. This is the bit that bothers me. I know that this is their policy, but that's why I contacted them first....
  9. I don't need to claim anything, I have the original invoice, in paper! The problem here is that they said that they would refund me if I sent them the board. And now they won't refund me or give me back the board.... I don't know how this makes sense to you honestly....
  10. Because AsRock told me they do not accept RMA's from the final customer, only from re-sellers/vendors.
  11. I'm not even exagerating!! To put this into context. I bought an X99 Asrock Motherboard from an acquaintance of mine a few months ago, and he bought it from Amazon. He has since left the country and i have no way to contact him. Unfortunetly the motherboard stopped posting, so I contacted Amazon about this, explaining that i'm not the original buyer but I have the invoice and everything. They said it wasn't a problem and told me to send the motherboard to their return center, and once it arrived the refund would be made to the credit card associated to my account. So far so good, I sent the motherboard (paying a little fortune on account of the weight/volume of the package) to them. Fast forward 4 days, and I sent them an email saying that I got confirmation that the board was delivered and that I would wait for confirmation on the refund. To which they replied, and I quote: Are you kidding me?!? I then told them that if they cannot refund me at least they could giove me a replacement.... To which they replied: I'm completely baffled. They are actually contradicting themselves, asking me to contact someone they KNOW I have no way of contacting! At this point I just asked them to give me back the dead board, and they just started giving me the same automated responses every time: TL;DR -They told me to return the motherboard, and that they would refund me. -When the board arrived they said they could not refund me, only the original buyer. -When asked to give me a replacement, the told me the same thing above. -when asked to return the faulty board the said the same thing above. Conclusion, I don't have the money or a board..... I honestely don't know what to do at this point.... Sorry for the long post, I just needed to vent a bit.
  12. Klenex

    Alternative Case?

    The R6 is my backup if I don't find anything else, it has everything I need but there are a lot of them around I was actually thinking of those, but I can't go to their site for some reason. One thing that worries me is that most of them are metal everywhere, won't that transmit a lot of vibrations from the HDD's?
  13. Hi guys, I'll be moving away from watercooling for a bit, and I want a case for different needs. Currently my system is pretty standard with an MSI Z370 + 8700K with an AMD 480. I have 2 SSD's and 2 HDD's. My requirements for a case: - More silent than my Air 540 (shouldn't be too hard :P) - Room for a longer GPU (possible upgrade in the future) - Possibility of adding more hard drives in the future (at least 2 or 3 more) And lastly, I would like to get something that isn't a typical brand like Corsair, CoolerMaster and such. There isn't really a budget for this so....let me hear your thoughts Thank's in advance!
  14. My personal opinion? Check the compatibility list of your motherboard, and buy the cheapest kit listed there. AMD cpu's don't have very strong IMC's, so buying B-Die won't benefit you a great deal over cheaper ram, because you probably won't get tight timings with fast speed with a board filled to the brim with RAM.
  15. I think a key part in helping you, besides how much money you are planning on investing, is what are you going to do with your rig. Keep in mind you will have to buy a motherboard, cpu and memory. Currently, AMD cpu's don't go a lot higher than 4 GHz, it's just a limit of the architecture. But do you need more single core speed? Or better multitasking capabilities?