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  1. Needle (local band from Portugal). I've really been enjoying their music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boYEawFeVmc
  2. Doesn't make any sense whatsoever to go with the A50 if you already have the OP6T. Like Bouzoo said, it's a downgrade. To get something comparable or better you would be looking at something like an S9+.
  3. True, I had a lot more luck a while back with another chip (can't remember if it was a sempron 145 or an FX-4100) where I snatched a couple of WR's and a few "podium finishes" ----------- Correction, it was a 4300, and actually 4 World Records: SuperPi 1M; WPrime - 32M; Cinebench R11.5; Cinebench R15
  4. Yup, holding at -172ºC under Cinebench load. To be honest the chip was pretty bad
  5. I actually didn't take any pictures, I just recorded a short clip, from which I took this screenshot. Something really basic and simple, also pretty much the most random collection of fans I have better pictures from other sessions, but the setup is pretty much always the same
  6. Your motherboard/memory could have several XAMP profiles. You can also post some pictures of the BIOS, we could probably help you faster.
  7. Played around with some older hardware yesterday but didn't have any luck with the chip, anything over 2200MHz on the RAM it straight up didn't boot, and it didn't like anything over 1.8V. Still was able to get in to the top 20 on HWBot, so that's something
  8. 2700X + Asus X470 Strix + 16GB Corsair Vengeance 3200MHz Not bad for an Auto OC with Asus AI Suite
  9. If you plan on keeping the 9700K at stock frequency then the that board will manage it, otherwise I would look elsewhere.
  10. Klenex

    Home Network

    ^^ This There is no need to over-complicate things. If you only want to access your CCTV system from your computer, that means both of them need to be in the same network, that is a perfect job for a simple 5-port gigabit switch like Mdgtman91 said.
  11. I've have symmetrical internet speeds for a few years now, always the same speed though. I pay 29€ for 100/100, a few hundred channels (IPTV) and a phone. Speeds up to 1000/200Mbps are available, although 1000/400Mbps used to be the norm, don't know why all the ISP's in the country downgraded to be honest...
  12. That is an awesome shot, so full of detail! 9/10 I took this one yesterday during the Geneva International Motor Show, with a Canon M100 using the 15-45mm Kit Lens and that's it....could of used an ND filter I think to aid with the reflections but oh well...
  13. I know nothing of photography, but it has a really cool "vintagy-vibe" to it. 9/10 I bought a Canon EOS M100 and went on a bit of a hike (this is my first time actually using a proper camera) using the kit lens, 15-45mm.
  14. Bitdefender uses the dd/mm/yyyy date format, so the subscription actually ends on the 7th of December