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  1. Condex

    Lian Li Q33b alternative?

    Still can't find a vertical variant like the PC Q33 from LIAN LI. If I was going for a no DR pro 4 and not vertical design I'll go with the GHOST S1
  2. Condex

    Lian Li Q33b alternative?

    I know its pretty neat, weird that there is not alternative to it, installing a darkrock 4 pro If I was looking for a not vertical build Inwin A1 plus could be also an option but I really loved how vertically built the system was on the Q33b
  3. Sadly this Q33b is discontinued and for an ITX build the verticalization of the build was really good. Liked how u could set up a noctua nh d15s or a Darkrock 4 pro. Is there a DIRECT equivalent on another brand that is not discontinued?
  4. I didnt used ur complicated way to try to solve the issue instead I used a practical one. Following the simplistic way that u opted to recommend me to try fixing this kind of problem and reinstall WINDOWS COMLPETELY. I used system restore option to the point where the driver was installed and that's it! easier, simpler, more efficient same result.
  5. re-installing sounds like reboot ur computer, suggestion level xD. I could retry to uninstall what is not installed anymore again and see if it allows me to install it? Could work...
  6. Sorry but what's done is done. I dont need a tutorial about how to install audio driver. I need to fix the issue after doing what I did. Regards?
  7. Sorry, but we are not discussing if u know it or not. The option is there. DDU has the option to do it. You can check it in the offcial website https://www.wagnardsoft.com/content/display-driver-uninstaller-ddu-v18004-released You are welcome
  8. I used DDU to uninstall the audio driver cuz I wanted a CLEAN audio driver installation. I did it on safe mode, I restarted the system. When I tried to open the application of realtek to install it, it wont pop up, it just tries to load I can see it on the process list poping up, but after few seconds it banishes. I tried to check the device manager and see if the realtek audio was missing and I could install it from there, but no... What could I do to be able to install the realtek driver? WINDOWS 7 I'm using
  9. Still looking for more suggestions, I'll appreciate it, regards
  10. I'm agree with u, u right abot 50% is more than enough but I need the 50% first to get there
  11. I'm aware a bit of the soft-skills needed for the job, but it's really useful to count with such a good brief description of the different situation that you described for them. What I was looking to develop now which I think its crucial, are technical skills through "job request examples" like a classic daily day in a java job where your manager comes to the group exposing the new project in detailed so the tasks are split between each part of the team. So I can aquire the JAVA skills through practicing with a REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE. I'm looking for a site/place where I can check that information, take examples, so when I'm done with them I can add them to my portfolio which will be great at the interview moment to show what I'm capable of. Regards those seems to be the technical skills that I would be needing to develop on this journey. The way that big companies like google and microsoft do things most of the times are different to lesser and smaller companies.
  12. I've been reading classified asking for j2EE experience 2/3 years Spring, Hibernate,etc framework and other frameworks. The idea is that I want to build projects to acquire to practice on this DAY TO DAY skills. We dont have to re-invent the wheel there are many projects that share same ideas over and over again when work for a software factory. I'm asking for detail projects that I can build to practice and aquire those skills. If I've not explained my self in the proper way please dont hesitate to ask me important info that I've could skept by omission.
  13. Condex

    [help] I cant disable auto DIM on W7

    This didnt happened on windows 10, W7 RIP
  14. Condex

    [help] I cant disable auto DIM on W7

    Like I said before there is no option on the menu to change that. I'll list every single option on the menu: brightness contrast wide/original reset no/yes next menu picture sharpness color gamma color temp red green blue six color hue saturation color reset yes/no display (no other connector available) others language power indicator OFF I dont see any option to change that. Sorry
  15. I went to power options /advanced/display/adaptive brightness (the option was not there) I went to services /adaptive brightness I disabled it and nothing new happened seems to be adjusting on one of my 2 monitors on the LG 22mp55d is adjusting it, not in my main display. I dont know what else to try. Also there is no option on the monitor menu to disable it. Dunno what else to do to disable it, but it bothers me a lot.