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  1. Very soon PG259QN incoming Nostratips prediction incoming hope it's not the "classic" sponsored review format.
  2. dang it window! I dont think its viable for me to go that route now. But DAAAAAAANG!
  3. Indeed But it disturbs me that I cant activate the service I'm the admin what is blocking it. I dont understand.
  4. Not that I see under msconfig I hided all microsoft and there is not avast related process. checked up start up tab under the task manager, nothing. But dunno why I cant activate WD service it doesnt make any sense.
  5. yes, avast and I deleted it with the tool from their website to "uninstall avast" it was finicky. After that it worked "well" sometimes it randomly deactivates it (WD). And now after the last windows update a title says "Windows defender managed by your organization" and I was not able to activate it by any means. I tried with the w10 services and the one that says "windows defender advanced threat protection service" when I try to set it to activation automatic or to start the process it doesnt starts or says access denied.
  6. I'm the admin. followed this guide (results = nothing) https://www.minitool.com/backup-tips/your-virus-and-threat-protection-is-managed-by-your-organization.html checked 2 and 3 no positive result
  7. https://wccftech.com/seagate-announces-new-additions-to-the-nytro-portfolio-of-ssds-designed-to-meet-a-wide-array-of-enterprise-applications/ High expectations, sounds interesting for a synology build around this option?
  8. First reboot got the password asked, the next reboots PIN as default option :S. Still available to choose password as an alternative, still active to select as an option, is it possible to just have that PIN alone?
  9. Well... when I log in by default asks me to enter a PASSWORD and if I clic I can choose between PASS and PIN so... that won't be pin by default without the switching hassle. Close, but not enough
  10. Pmed Which will ask you for pass instead of pin when you BOOT up, then when u lock the screen you can use the PIN, but that's not 100% sorry.
  11. I couldn't find how to sign in on windows 10 without using password but using PIN instead. Any clue?
  12. Its a very cheap monitor with very good specs for the money. https://www.pcgamer.com/au/medion-erazer-x52773-review/ Dunno if ERAZER company has a website, dunno where you can buy it online, but I know that I want it. Include G-sync compatibility with the review
  13. Which is the best sound quality if we r not taking budget into account? I know they are different budget options, but maybe there is some price/performance gem also here? they are 2 different questions ? SOUNDBAR BOSE 500 BLACK 799702-1100 SOUNDBAR JBL -BAR 3.1 WIRELESS/HDMI/USB/OPTICAL SOUNDBAR JBL BAR STUDIO 2.0 WIRELESS SOUNDBAR LG SJ8 300W SOUNDBAR SAMSUNG HW-M450 2.1 320W SOUNDBAR SONOS BEAM WHITE SOUNDBAR SONY HT-CT290
  14. lol, an standard product of 800USD yes sure... Try to act cool wont get you any place bud, if u dont know have a realated answer I invite you to lay back on your sit and read the thread