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  1. Tried to stream on Twitch only, im hoping ive managed to fix the issue. Was getting dropped frames at first so what i did was i played with the framerate config on NDI, by default it is set to 59.94p NTSC so i tried changing it to flat 60p, somehow the stream became stable. Will try again using Restream.io.
  2. Hello, the speed test is now much better and no longer getting capped to 100mbps. Still getting dropped frames tho. Im thinking if it has something to do with Restream.io since im trying to stream both on Twitch and Youtube. Might try streaming only on one service to check if if helps.
  3. Update: I dont know exactly what happened since ive already tried using a Cat6 cable last time but still got the same result but upon using another Cat5e cable from the store, it somehow changed to 1gbps. ?
  4. Update: Tried changing the LAN cable from Cat5e to Cat6, still the same.
  5. Yeah, what i meant was what settings can look at to see if its configured to 100mbps.
  6. Im not sure if its a faulty cable. Im thinking it has something more to do with my currrent config.
  7. Which PC Settings are we talking about here?1 Both computers are directly connected to the router.
  8. I got the culprit, still dont get it why its capped at 100 tho eventho the speed of the boards lan should reach 1000mbits. Board im using for the 2nd pc: https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-Z97M-D3H-rev-11#sp
  9. Yeah, thats what i thought also. Thats why i really quite dont get it why im getting some frames dropped.
  10. That would be the worst if thats the real issue. lol Still trying to look up the board tho.
  11. I have the TP Link Archer C7: https://www.tp-link.com/us/home-networking/wifi-router/archer-c7/ Its connected with a Cat5e lan cable.
  12. Yep, both of the systems have a wired connection. Might consider replacing the cable too actually tho its a cat5e.
  13. I currently have 2 systems at home, 1 as my main gaming/multimedia pc and another coming from my brother in which i would like to turn into a streaming pc. Recently ive just configured the 2nd pc to mirror the screen of my main pc on Streamlabs OBS but whenever i go live on the 2nd system, somehow i kept on getting dropped frames. What got me wondering is how come when i try to run speedtests on both PCs the main one outputs to 150mpbs and the 2nd pc only outputs upto 100mbps so i was thinking could this be the cause of the frames getting dropped? Take note that i still dont have a capture card at the moment so the screen capture is done via NDI software. Also im gonna play around with the bitrate thinking this could also be the cause of the frames getting dropped. Would you know the cause/fix on why 2nd pc is only getting 100mbps? Specs: Main PC: 7700k GTX 1080 32gb ram 3200hz 2nd PC: 4790k GTX 650 12gb ram 1333hz