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  1. Do keyboards like this exist?

    Thank you so much!
  2. Do keyboards like this exist?

    Are there any rgb mechanical keyboard that are tournament edition, but instead of getting rid of the num pad it gets rid of the buttons in between the num pad and keyboard(the part with arrow keys, page up, page down, del, etc.)? I use the number pad quite often but never use the stuff in the middle. Thanks in advance!
  3. opinions on a mousepad...?

    I’ve had my steel series QCK+ for over a year, have had no issues with it.
  4. Mouse DPI, in Game sensitivity and relevant DPI

    Sounds like bs to me. I play with 400 dpi with 1.8 sens in game I think it tracks well.
  5. Which is better?

    Many people say that the HyperX Cloud 2 is the best gaming headset. The cloud stinger is hyperx’s budget headset.
  6. does my perfect dongle exist?

    “Perfect dongles” exist
  7. Best headset

    Why do you even ask if you aren’t going to take our advice? AFAIK no one suggesting the arctic 7
  8. What Are Your Needs And Wants?

    Need: New GPU, 240 hz monitor, wireless headset. Want: Maybe a little food, water, clothing, and shelter would be cool to have
  9. White Mechanical RGB keyboard?

    What are some high quality white, rgb mechanical keyboards? It needs to be less than $200. Thanks!
  10. CORSAIR STRAFE, Caps Lock/NUM Lock Lights

    I didn’t watch the video, but I used to have this issue on my k70. The only fix I found was restarting my pc. Unplugging and plugging back in the keyboard may have fixed it to, although I don’t remember exactly.
  11. Logitech G533 vs G933

    I don’t have experience with either of these headsets, but I have a friend who uses the G933. He said that sometimes the mic will randomly mute, and after a bit of research, this seems to be a common issue. Not sure if it happens on the g533 though.
  12. Need a good budget mouse

    I agree. I used to use a deathadder and now use a ec1-b. Both are very comfortable, and have excellent sensors.
  13. Best headset

    I recommend the HyperX Cloud II. Good sound quality, excellent comfort, and decent mic.
  14. Good gaming mouse

    As others have mentioned, the g502 would be an excellent choice, and is considered to be one of the best mice, with a great sensor, shape and adjustable weight.
  15. I prefer the deathadder over the g pro because if the shape. As for the keyboard, be aware and the g810 is mechanical. Both are good keyboards, it just comes down to whether you are ok with mecha-membrane or mechanical.