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  • CPU
    Delidded Core i7 6700K 4.9GHz
  • Motherboard
    ASRock Z170 Extreme 7+
  • RAM
    32GB Team Group Dark Pro 3200
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX1080ti FTW3 SLI
  • Case
    Inwin 805 Infinity
  • PSU
    Supernova 1000 T2
  • Display(s)
    Alienware AW2518H

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  1. lefudgelover666

    Used CPU for Gaming

    both untrue, 771 chips perform like core 2 quads, the jump to Sandy bridge from a Harpertown xeon is night and day, sandy was a massive jump
  2. lefudgelover666

    Used CPU for Gaming

    the 771 setup is budget af, but even after a heavy oc would bottleneck anything over a 1050ti, recommending somemthing that old is terrible when the budget allows for newer much superior hardware
  3. lefudgelover666

    I need help deciding whether or not a gpu is legit or not.

    these are extremely obvious fakes
  4. lefudgelover666

    Good "gaming" chair?

    get the best office chair you can for your budget, those will be comfort first, looks second, while any gaming chair will be looks first
  5. lefudgelover666

    Is NVIDIA G-Sync worth the money?

    yeah no, not really possible, all non adaptive sync monitors tear in the exact same way because they refresh at the exact same rate, a 60 hz monitor will refresh 60 times per second at the exact same interval, thats what adaptive sync changes, it slows the monitor refresh rate to match the gpu fps, without adaptive sync this does not happen and is impossible regardless of whether its a $1000 or a $50 monitor
  6. lefudgelover666

    Is NVIDIA G-Sync worth the money?

    what? that makes no sense, all monitors without adaptive sync will tear exactly the same
  7. lefudgelover666

    Astros A50 or HyperX Cloud Alpha?

    yes, the coulds are an upgrade in every possible way from the A50's aside from not being wireless
  8. lefudgelover666


    the price of a pixelbook gets you in Dell XPS ballpark, which is miles better
  9. its pretty well known that razer is aesthetic over quality
  10. lefudgelover666

    75 inch TVs vs 65, 50

    i have a 75" as well but i only use it for movies, the latency just not something i can cope with in a game and aside from being big its pretty much inferior to my monitors in every other way so i stick to watching movies on my ultrawide
  11. lefudgelover666

    SLI 1080ti enough to drive 4k 144hz?

    from my experience no, unless its older titles, you have to remember that its less than perfect scaling,
  12. lefudgelover666

    can i use a t2 cooler master without a bracket

    buy a pack of zip ties and just run them through the motherboard in an x pattern over the cooler block, i am using that methon on a hyper 212 i dont have mounting hardware for and it works fine
  13. lefudgelover666

    What is the best CPU water cooler that I can buy?

    im pretty sure by no budget they mean corsair h100i instead of h60 lmao
  14. lefudgelover666

    1070ti or a 1080 (not ti)

    its 1-5% faster, not 10-15%, and on average 10-15% more expensive
  15. lefudgelover666

    1070ti or a 1080 (not ti)

    its kind of impossible to not talk vram since available vram makes a massive difference in the size of the framebuffer if these were cars thats like saying "aw yeah theyre both V8's but displacement doesnt matter even though one is 610 cubic inch and the other is 305" or if it were food " aw dude no its okay if you only got a half full cup and the guy in front of you got a full one, theyre the same size cup so its all good