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  1. I bought an old Frag box, circa 2005 off Craigslist. Has a BFG6800Ultra; I ordered an X800 on ebay.I hear that the ATI card is quieter, and it's single slot, and I need every slot in that IPX SFFPC. I have two desks in the shape of an L. I normally run XP on an old 1080p monitor on the right hand desk, but I want to face my Front Left/Right speakers. When I run XP on my ultrawide, XP ends up stretched at 1080P over 3440x1440. XP lists 3440x1440 at 100hz as an option, but the screen ends up magnified and have to move around the desktop like it's a RTS; it's weird. Furthermore, these old cards c
  2. sssssssSo I used DDU to uninstall. Only checked the audio box for AMD. It appeared to uninstall the rest of the gfx driver anyway. I did a custom reinstall. Unchecked the AMD audio driver. And voila, it appears to have worked. However, Windows is still showing "AMD High Definition Audio Device", but it must be using the windows driver. Anyway, thanks *upon further review, did not completely fix the problem, audio cuts out once every few minutes, which is a huge improvement, but audio is still not 100 percent.
  3. 5700 XT, 3600, X470 Hero, Win 10, 19.10.1 Pioneer Receiver Lx102 Audio cuts out frequently and randomly when playing music or video on Winamp, chrome, MPC, etc. However, the audio stream is perfect when playing a game. I read somewhere that the clock speeds are too low on the 5700 at idle, so I ran Furmark in the background while I played music and video, and sure enough, running Furmark in the background fixed the audio. I tried some other fixes I saw on the internet. Tried switching to HDMI. Tried other ports. Tried turning of the audio controller in Bios
  4. In my living room, I have a 4K Pioneer receiver. I can run the 4k receiver in extended stereo mode. I have a ZXR soundcard and an older DVD era receiver in my office. I cannot get the soundcard or the receiver to play an extended stereo signal to a 4.1 setup. The ZXR doesn't have any settings that I can find. The old receiver doesn't seem to have an extended stereo mode. It has DTS NEO and Dolby PLII, both of which mix the audio signal. I can bypass this problem with an RCA splitter cable, but I don't want to buy more cables. I want to flip a switch and get what
  5. I'm currently running a 4.1 bookshelf setup that's run out of a ZXR optical line into a DVD era Sony DA2ES. I want more surround. I want to hear people sneaking up behind me. However, I could NOT get the 6.1 sound working on the old DA2ES. On a side note, I am going to experiment with analogue 5.1 out of the ZXR to see if the overall sound quality improves. Here's my question. If I got a 7.1 BR receiver and left the optical/analogue behind for PCM, then I would have a 7.1 capable setup. Do modern games such as DOOM or Metro output true 7.1 and is it worth it over 5.1?
  6. I did this for about two weeks. It worked. Spent over 30 bucks on cables. The double bass improved the sound quite a bit. However, it was still just bad on top of bad, which didn't even make it OK. Did some craigslisting and got a DVD era 100w receiver, some BS22 bookshelves and a 12 inch sub for cheap. I bought some SM45s too. All in 300 bucks. Totally destroys the Logitech z906. A craigslist receiver and used speakers are the way to go.
  7. I have an older altec lansing 5.1 that I want to add to my existing setup in a 2.1 configuration. Is there anything wrong with running two sets of powered speakers off of one RCA source by splitting the signal using a 3.5 mm splitter? PC into Creative ZXR Soundcard into Analogue 5.1* into RCA Front LR > 3.5 F into 3.5 M > 3.5 splitter FF into 3.5 MM 3.5 MM into into Powered Altec Lansing 2.1 Powered Log
  8. http://www.tomshardware.com/news/intel-haswell-broadwell-spectre-update,36600.html "The guidance also shows that Intel is planning on updating even older CPU microarchitectures, such as Penryn, Yorkfield, Nehalem, Westmere, and Wolfdale. This could mean that Intel is prepared to fix the Spectre and Meltdown flaws going back about 10 years, considering that Penryn was first released in 2007."
  9. I like Chiclet keys with scissor switches. I also like mechanical keyboards. Own both, so I switch back and forth. Hate membrane keyboards though.
  10. Used Herman Miller, embody is better than aeron, but aeron will do. Work overtime. Sell your train collection. 100 will buy you junk.
  11. I used it to see how many watts I'm pulling to make sure I'm not overloading the circuit with everything that's plugged into a half dozen outlets. I also used it to see how low i could run my fans on a hot day and still keep the computer cool enough. When I sell parts on Craigslist, I use it to show that things aren't overheating. A bunch of graphs impress people. Not many uses for it, but there are uses.
  12. I have an ultrawide as well, and I think my office chair is inferior to my couch. Have you run 4k Blu Ray's on your 1440 ultrawide by chance? At 8 feet and 65 inches or so, the difference in sharpness between 2k and 4k will be discernable to someone with 20/20 vision. The greater the screen size, the more value 4k has. Hence, people should get 75+ inch TVs, not 65. You missed the essence of my post.