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  • CPU
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    MSI X99
  • RAM
    Corsair vengeance 2400
  • GPU
    GTX 1070 SLI x2
  • Case
    Corsair 650D
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    Seki Gaming HD 1080 @120hz
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    Corsair 110i
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    Ever more crap
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    HDMI Samsung sound bae
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    Windows 😑

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  1. Date of post everyone is welcome to the funeral... located at and around my Hoover
  2. The strange thing is shocked corsair was willing to accept the unit back and the second strange thing is there is no gaps where the case goes to the pcb but yeah I remember rightly that's were the term BUG come from if I am correct
  3. Yeah I heard the USA have it even harder over there and is that the guy I saw in the news that stood up and asked why is apple taking the goods at docking bays and imports of things like glass screen replacements ? Which is not far on the average consumer not willing to pay ££€€$$$
  4. Yeah I am all for right to repair ! As living in the UK the cost to send the PSU back mise as well buy a new power pack. Plus it is a very scary thing as lot of people don't drain the power out and end up hurt or worse but now days with the internet and time you can learn to do so many things
  5. Ahh I had rubber pads, can't really see in the photo to move it around
  6. Oh for the ones that don't know that some people know what there doing when it comes to electricity yes its works now Do you also know there is places that repair things as well. 20200205_234214.mp4
  7. Don't worry I drained the caps off and checked before doing anything but problem fixed had to re solder the trace had abit of corrosion
  8. Okay okay, after my previous post about the problems with corsair PSU mainly the AX serious I replaced all the cables with better grade and bigger gauge wires and having no issues for the last year, my PSU decided to shut off and red light again so though sod RMA going to do this my self guessing a bad cap or trace . After inspecting the unit I came across a what looks like a fly causing a surge on the peripherals and sata power. For one I have no idea how the hell that got in there as it's less then 1mm gap and two since when did a fly cause a PSU to trigger OCP I emailed corsair and they reckon it's from the factor when made so sending me out a new one But still there is a lesson to be learned here Flys want to game as well
  9. Nice, so you got more out then most people have as some struggling to stay at 4GHZ it's so much fine tuning on so many settings
  10. I left it set from the XMP profile then just changed the voltage and stand alone frequency Let me know how far you get then I will help you out if you get stuck
  11. As you can see I have 2400 but l overclcoked to 3000 after XMP