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    MSI X99
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    Corsair vengeance 2400
  • GPU
    GTX 1070 SLI x2
  • Case
    Corsair 650D
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    Seki Gaming HD 1080 @120hz
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    Corsair 110i
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    Ever more crap
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    HDMI Samsung sound bae
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    Windows ?

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  1. Oh corsair stock H100i x2 , arctic white 120, corsair LL 120, corsair LL 140 x3, silver stone quite sst 120 Get warm Corsair LL 140 x3 Stock corsair H100i x2 Didnt get warm Corsair LL 120 Silver stone sst Artic white 120 Also didnt get warm after this is the stock fans that come with Ek water cooling kit which I believe is varder. Noctua 140 NF Also for the fun of it these got warm Xbox 360 stock fan The fan in my corsair AX860i got pretty hot after 10 minutes of use S
  2. Oh I see where you mean I should edit that thanks, as in so many fans it's hard to say due to the fans heating up and different fans as some fans dont even hardly cool my system down (cheap) do to terrible performance of pressure sorry, cheers bro will edit it in a bit As hard to get results
  3. That's why I think this should be tested out with more fans and themal capture/camera would be good to see
  4. Haha sorry I didn't mean it in a snappy reply but its happing I think due to the motor warming and being so close to the rads when you take them off the rad is also a tad bit warm where the fan has been
  5. Tried on two power pack, and try it your self with different fans
  6. I hope so as well as a simple fan change could help small builds, just shocked that 5 completely different fans I tried out of 8 get warm !
  7. Okay guys is I am back with some testing and need your thoughts off the PC building family So in the UK we had a lot of heat and decided to make my own fan cooling while I was getting my AC serviced and came across some strange thing and I think a YouTube tech channel should test this with more fans As from the photos I used my old corsair AIO fans and notices after 15 minutes of use the fan centre (motor) heats up and gave a slight heat being blown out and thought it was strange, as kind of defeats the object of blowing cool air inside a PC/ radiator So I gat
  8. Date of post ? everyone is welcome to the funeral... located at and around my Hoover
  9. The strange thing is shocked corsair was willing to accept the unit back and the second strange thing is there is no gaps where the case goes to the pcb but yeah I remember rightly that's were the term BUG come from if I am correct ?
  10. Yeah I heard the USA have it even harder over there and is that the guy I saw in the news that stood up and asked why is apple taking the goods at docking bays and imports of things like glass screen replacements ? Which is not far on the average consumer not willing to pay ££€€$$$
  11. Yeah I am all for right to repair ! As living in the UK the cost to send the PSU back mise as well buy a new power pack. Plus it is a very scary thing as lot of people don't drain the power out and end up hurt or worse but now days with the internet and time you can learn to do so many things
  12. Ahh I had rubber pads, can't really see in the photo to move it around
  13. Oh for the ones that don't know that some people know what there doing when it comes to electricity ?yes its works now ? Do you also know there is places that repair things as well. ?? 20200205_234214.mp4