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    i7 8700k
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    Asus ROG Maximux X Hero AC
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    16GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB
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    Corsair K95 RGB Platinum
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    G.Skill MX780/MX Master 2s
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    Schiit Fulla 2, AKG K553ii, Blue Yeti (Midnight Blue)
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Also I messaged the seller on ebay, gonna see what they recommend
  2. I opened it up, the fuses seem fine, how would I check the battery? I have a multimeter just not sure what it should be reading
  3. It has no lights on it indicating the battery is bad, also I dont wanna replace a battery incase it's not that and ik just wasting money
  4. So I bought an Avaya UPS for my server the other day, it's an older unit that I bought off ebay. Problem I am having is it seems to not charge the battery, if the power goes out it just turns off after a second, also it fans come on and then go off constantly. Dont know what else to do with it and am about ready to return it It's an Avaya 9125 1500VA
  5. Thank you! I bought the Avaya , hopefully it works good.
  6. So today my C drive on my server corrupted after a power flicker, the server is just connected to a mediocre surge protector and it was bound to happen. So now I need to get a UPS for the server and I am trying to find the right option, I want an Eaton as we use them at work and have had good success with them but am torn between an older low end enterprise grad unit or a newer home style unit, I want to stay under 200 for this and those are the two options in that price point. So here are the two I am looking at, one is an Eaton 5S 1000LCD and the other is an Avaya 9125 1000i, both are 1000VA which should give my server 5+ minutes of run time and both are Eaton made. Ill add links to the bottom but let me know what you guys think. Also if you guys have a better suggestion i am open too it, Trying to keep under $200 with replaceable batteries and 1000+VA, also preferably a way for it to shut down the server and ethernet possibly. Thanks Eaton 5S 1000LCD Avaya 9125 1000i
  7. I finally found the MSI page for both of the laptops It looks like they are basically the same aside from what I mentioned
  8. Yea essentially, was also wanting to see if there is any other real differences between the 7th gen and 8th gen models
  9. And I wanted a thin and sleek gaming laptop
  10. I was wanting to stay around the 900 mark
  11. So I have been looking to buy a new laptop for awhile but was torn between two models, I already bought one but am not sure if was worth 100 or so more that the other laptop So I bought a MSI GS63 Stealth 8RE, and the other option was the GS63VR 7RF. It was 890 used in good condition for the 8RE vs 800 for the 7RF. The only differences I can find is the CPU, 8750H vs the 7700HQ, and the individually back lit keyboard. My question is was it worth it and are there any other differences as they seem to even share the same chassis? Thanks all Also here is a link to the one I bought and the other one 8750H 7700HQ
  12. So I have a server IO am trying to get up and running, I ordered the wrong drives at first but after some digging I found that I needed to get the HP branded drives. So I found some used ones, ordered them and tyhey came in today. They are the correct part number for the server and shgould work, also have original HP caddy and the original HP drive, I also have 3 of them. The integrated controller (B120i will not detect them at all. I have tried every slot but it is not detecting any drives. Any ideas to try?
  13. I have an HP DL380e and I am wanting to get a raid controller with 2 internal ports so I am loking at the P420 ones but I am trying to figure out if it will need a license to accept SAS drives like the B120i does?
  14. So update on the server I attempted everything to get the WD Reds to work in the server but from what I am gathering the third part drive caddys (which are the only ones you can get without buying HP drives that already have caddys on them) have issues with some drives. Also I see that someone is selling third party drive caddys with seagate drives online and that is making me think that it is either a server to server thing or it might work with seagate drives but I have yet to test with a spare seagate HDD.Not sure on how the official HP drive caddys take non HP drives either What I ended up having to do to get HDDs for the server is to bite the bullet and order some HP drives, I ordered 3 4TB 7200rpm 3.5" HP drives and will be doing the same as I was going to with the 3 WD Reds. I ended up getting them for $50 a drive used from ebay with the original HP caddys on them (they were listed for $58 but made an offer and got 3 for $150 with free shipping). It really sucks that HP got so proprietary with this generation and up, but the worst part is that the only mass storage drives that you can get for them are 4TB ones and they only have a 1 year warranty from new where WD for instance has a 5 year warranty from new. I also ordered an HP 450GB 15k rpm 3.5" SAS driveoff ebay aswell, it was a little over 30 but did not have the original caddy with it. I ordered this since I didn't think the 120GB kingston drive would work for OS with all the incompatibi;ity issues I have been having. Also this will allow me to test an HP drive with the 3rd part drive caddys to see if they are working properly aswell So as it stands now I am just waiting on the new drives to come in, when they get in I will see where things go and post again, also on a side not if anyone know a good busget 3 to 4 bay NAS, I could use one for the WD Reds I have lol 4TB Raid drives: Link 450GB drive for OS: Link
  15. So I am thinking it may be the HDD trays, I read that some third part caddy's have issues detecting HDDs that are not HP drives. I might try and get an original HP drive caddy