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  1. This may be a stupid question, but on some server motherboards, only about half of a PCIe slot is present. There are 8x data lanes, but does the lack of the rest of the pins present any sort of power delivery issue or other issues to a card that is full length 16x but placed in these half length 8x slots? For example, on this Tyan S7012 motherboard, all 5 of the slots are 8x but only half length. Would a normal graphics card work in these?
  2. Hello all, A few rounds of google and some BIOS fiddling could not give me an answer as to why my new dual xeon X5670s, which are supposed to have a base of 2.96 Ghz, are booting at 2.26 Ghz and not going any higher than 2.4 ghz. the motherboard is a Tyan S7012. the OS is Windows 8.1 Pro. I believe it's a hardware problem because the post screen is reporting the frequency as 2.26 Ghz. It's strange, however, because under CPU it says "Xeon X5670 @ 2.96 Ghz" but under "Freq" it's "= 2.26 Ghz." I set the Ratio CMOS to 22 which makes the clocks go to 2.4 Ghz when I put on P95 or Aida 64, but they refuse to go higher. It is clear from googling that other people are not having this problem with this motherboard, and are reaching the correct stock speeds. I am over 25C from throttling. I have made no other hardware changes. The X5670s are replacing the pitiful E5506s. The last memory upgrade was two months ago and all sticks are clean. The OS install is fairly fresh, less than 3 months old, with only a handful of vital programs. The PSU is not even at half load with P95 running. I am kinda at a loss. If anyone has any info, thanks. EDIT: I should mention that all processors and threads are also appearing correctly. 12ct/24th.
  3. Yep! It won't even boot without the latest BIOS, afaik.
  4. Tyan S7012. The version without SAS.
  5. I thought I had made progress when I cleared CMOS in that the BIOS now reads the frequency as 2.96 Ghz, however when in windows, the frequency still does not exceed 2400 mhz under stress testing or even single threaded gaming loads.
  6. Do you think it would be safe to run a GTX 580 on a 450w EVGA BT power supply? There are a pair of 580s locally for $30 each which is a steal, but I know they're notoriously hot and hungry. I was wondering if I could drop it into a budget build with a 450W or should I upgrade the PSU before attempting it? Cooling is not an issue. The CPU is a G4560 in an Asrock B250m Pro4. 1 stick of DDR4 2400, 2 case fans, an SSD and HDD. I feel like the ultra low power draw of the G4560 would make it stable but I'm not sure...
  7. ellisif

    450w EVGA BT powering a GTX 580?

    I don't wanna put more than a few dollars here or there into this rig, it's not my personal one and doesn't need more than a 580 or something similar. $30 is excellent for what it is; a hot, power guzzling old card that can still kinda run games, you can't really get anything else that can run stuff for $30. They go for double that on ebay etc I'll just upgrade the PSU so there's room for a i5-7400 or something in a year down the line also
  8. Due to the mining bubble, I can sell my 280x and buy a reference 780 Ti or a good AIB 970 at no cost, would it be worth it going through the hassle of selling to do this? Is it that much of an upgrade? Or should I just wait and do something else like get a used 980 Ti early next year for like $275?
  9. ellisif

    Upgrade from 280x to 780 Ti for free?

    Yeah, I was heavily considering a 980/980 Ti but I can't really afford it ATM, a 780 Ti or 970 would just be a free upgrade right now +/- y'know like $10 at worst, whereas a 980 would be another $60 at a minimum and more for a Ti. I might do the flip and then later on when I can get a good 980 Ti I will just sell the 780 Ti/970. I am more leaning towards the 970 despite the extra $10-20 because I really do not want a blower cooler and after digging up some benches, while avg frames are similar, frametimes are definitely better with the 970, and the extra .5-1gb of VRAM does come into play on occasion.
  10. ellisif

    Upgrade from 280x to 780 Ti for free?

    Ah, makes sense, I have been reading about the whole 780/680 driver controversy lately. I will see what I can get, it'll basically come down to whatever I can get for the money, the 780 Ti is still somewhat cheaper than the 970 because they all have that awful reference cooler, AIB 970s are a bit more expensive but if I can get a good one I'll go for it
  11. ellisif

    Upgrade from 280x to 780 Ti for free?

    It has better support, but doesn't the 780 have better raw performance?
  12. ellisif

    Upgrade from 280x to 780 Ti for free?

    And 780 Ti cards are going for $150-175!
  13. I tried searching but I haven't found any threads about the 7350k after the recent price cuts to $130-150. Would it now make more sense to get a 7350k for that price (esp. $135ish) and maybe an open box Z270 board for like $90? VS say an R3 and a B350 board. I'm looking solely, 110% at gaming performance and nothing else. I already have a cheap workstation for multithreaded apps. Also, does anyone have any experience with 2133 or 2400 mhz RAM with Kaby Lake? Would I be severely impacting performance by skimping on the RAM speed?
  14. ellisif

    7350k after price cuts?

    G4600: $87 H110: $60 Total: $147 7350k: $130 Z170: $100 Total: $230 You're somewhat correct, but I do feel like the ability to crossfire and just have more connectivity overall may be worth the extra money. Emulation may be important for the future and the high single thread power of the 7350k will make cutting edge emulation possible... I'll consider the cheaper option too, though.' Thank you for the memory info, also. I did not want to shell out the extra for 3000+ since at that point it definitely wouldn't be competitive.
  15. ellisif

    7350k after price cuts?

    Well, this system would be outputting video to a streaming machine so games that I can stream- Dark Souls 1/2/3, Halo Online (Eldewrito), PUBG, FFXIV, Destiny 2 when it launches, perhaps a small amount of Overwatch, and particularly emulated games where allowed, especially as RPCS3 becomes more viable. Right now I have an FX-4100 which is really just barely cutting it for most games, even when I can hit 60 the frame times are abysmal and stuttering is horrible. Not really worried about games like GTAV or B1 or anything, I'm not a huge fan and they're not particularly streamable anyways. I don't imagine Coffee Lake is going to have any price-competitive options around $220 for a CPU+Mobo, but it might be worth waiting just in case. I'll think about it.
  16. Hello. I am moving forward relatively soon with my concept for a budget dual LGA 1366 streaming machine and I am wondering if anyone has experience streaming and possibly gaming on X5687s or X5690s. More specifically, is the higher clockrate on the X5687 more desirable than the increased threads of the X5690s? I have found only minimal information on multi CPU stream encoding and I am not sure that h264 would take full advantage of 24 lower clocked threads vs 16 higher clocked threads. Of course, in the situation where I would be gaming on the same machine, I am sure that the X5687s would help maintain higher FPS on the game itself, but I am more likely to be using a different machine to play the games, and use the dual CPU system just to encode the stream from a capture card, which is where the decision comes into play. X5687s are also significantly cheaper than X5690s, and will likely put out somewhat less heat and use less power. Thanks for any input.
  17. Sadly, no, I already have a few 1366 compatible coolers hanging around and spare DDR3, where I do not have any DDR4 or AM4 compatible coolers. A Tyan, HP, or Dell mobo is only ~$60 and there a few better boards at $80. X5687s are coming in at $50 each, $100 for two, and X5690s are coming in at $100 each, or $200 for two (I can buy one now and save up for another later). The only real extra cost is finding a solid PSU with 2 8pin EPS connectors. 1700 would be $300 for the CPU itself, another $50-80 for the RAM depending on the config, and $80-120 for a meh board, plus a few $$ for a cooler If I could, I would, but alas...
  18. I hope they'd be overkill, I would like to be able to do 1080@30 at a good encoding speed if possible. I guess I am torn because the X5687s would definitely be superior to the FX4100 I am running right now, which means that gaming on the streaming machine itself would be straight up faster, but that'd hurt the encoding. But if I can also upgrade my FX4100 at the same time, and keep the machines separate, then it's moot, and the 5690s would be far superior. I am just worried that h264 will not use both CPUs properly, or wont scale beyond 16 threads properly either. Of course, the next quandary is whether to cheap out and try to get a Dell/HP OEM board working (or use a really budget Tyan SSI EEB board) or save up for something better, more compatible/stable...
  19. Hello, I am curious if anyone has any experience with BOTH the V21 and the X2 or X9 from Thermaltake. In particular, I am wondering whether the side panels are interchangeable between the two families. I tried to no avail to get as specific measurements as possible for both panels but unfortunately the measurements for all of the panels change between source, due to what I'm assuming are differences between the packages and the windows themselves. X2/X9 panels are significantly cheaper since V21 panels are no longer being sold on Thermaltake's site or other similar vendors, only from ebay where the shipping is far, far higher. It would be $50 for two X2 panels compared to $80+ for ebay V21 panels. At $90 I could just get a completely different (higher quality, tempered glass, RGB) case, lol. But I don't wanna do that since I spent a lot of time and effort painting the interior of the case a very nice red gloss and the shape and style of the case are perfect for the system that's in it right now and the future HTPC system it will house as well. Thanks.
  20. Hello, I am wondering if anyone has any experience streaming 1080p30 or 1080p60 on a dual CPU system encoding in H.264 with either program? I am considering slapping together an ultra scrapyard dual LGA 1366 system with two X56xx CPUs (12 cores, 24 threads) to encode a stream from another computer, however if the 2nd core isnt utilized properly it wouldn't be as much value as trying to get say, a E5-2650 v1 scrapyard server with 1 CPU (8 cores, 16 threads) and more cores per CPU, but less threads overall. The dual X56xx route is actually cheaper and easier to configure other parts for, and seems to bench the same or better in synthetic benches that fully utilize both CPUs. Does anyone have any experience trying to encode streams with two CPUs? I was only able to dig up 2 old threads via google search but they're over 2 years old and not using similar hardware either. It wouldn't be a massive disappointment if stream encoding did not use the 2nd CPU for me, however, as I will be editing and exporting video with it and I have been assured that both CPUs will definitely be used in that scenario, and considering how ridiculously cheap dual LGA 1366 is, I may just go that route anyways.
  21. ellisif

    Full length PCIe cards in a half length slot

    Well, there's no point in putting a powerful GPU on such old motherboards (the ones I'm looking into, anyways), I just might throw some random hand-me-down GPU so it has more than the utterly garbage IGPU on most of them.
  22. ellisif

    Full length PCIe cards in a half length slot

    Most of the dual LGA 1366 motherboards with 8x length slots are actually already pre-cut to allow 16x cards it seems, I am mostly just afraid of power delivery issues for cards that need both board and external power (e.g., a GPU) rather than data issues. Thanks, I didn't know that about the first part being power delivery. That clears most of it up for me.
  23. ellisif

    How worthless is my old GPU?

    Perfect condition, clean, and most/all accessories or original packing, you're looking at a good $65-80. Missing any of those, it could go as low as $50. It could go that low if your market is super saturated as well even in perfect cond., depends on the city/state.