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Dipu Kazi

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    Intel Core I5 9400F
  • Motherboard
    Msi z390- A pro
  • RAM
    G.skill 8gb 2633mhz
  • GPU
    Sapphire Nitro+ rx 470 4gb

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  1. If I pair up my core I5 9400F with rtx 2080ti or rtx 2080 super......how much bottleneck is gonna occure?
  2. Yes,man. I5's l2 and l3 cache is greater and larger than r5's. But at low cost and great perfomance r5 is the best.
  3. If you want to do gaming Ryzen 5 1600x or 1600 will be great choice and for extreme overclocking Intel i5 would be great option but Ryzen 5 is the best cpu and it is a bang for buck. So I suggest you to buy Ryzen 5 1600x or 1600.
  4. My processor is Intel Pentium dual core, gpu is Radeon RX470 4GB and 8gb ddr3 ram. I am not a low end gamer. But I like these Intel dual core processors. But mass effect:andromeda game doesn't load on dual core processors. Nearly all pc games runs and almost certainly playable in dual core processors. Is Bioware and EA so irresponsible that their game doesn't run on dual core processors. The recent patches and fixes of this game doesn't works. So what can I do to run this game on my cpu?