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  1. Looks like a, i'm a hardcore gamer who only plays Call of Duty so i bought this premade PC on www.gamepc.com. Go for something more minimalistic, and less over the top monster design.
  2. That doesn't answer my first question
  3. I'm not quite following you. Why would you want to connect is to both your PC and TV? and as @Samson_ST said, why would you need LAN?
  4. CD Key for sure. Just buy one off kinguin or something, mine works perfectly and i know friends who have bought theirs on kinguin as well and are running fine for years.
  5. Nothing you really need. Just connect it lol.
  6. Why are people going completely off topic? He asked if his psu would be good enough, not which cpu he would get.
  7. I dont pirate it because i do want to give developers their money. I see it more as a sale. In the end they do get money, just less. You can't stop this system unless you make games equel prices in all country's. I buy most of my games on steam but when i'm low on money i buy them on kinguin. At that moment it's either i buy it cheaper and the developer gets less, or i dont buy it at all.
  8. I use Kinguin myself. never really trusted G2A, I don't really see what people have against kinguin as all the keys that are sold are 100% legit. All people do is get those keys in countries where they're cheaper such as russia etc and sell them on kinguin. In the end the developer gets the same amount of sales. They make less $$ ofcourse, but if kinguin etc wouldn't be around their sales would drop as well, so i doubt if they really lose that much. 500 sales for 60$ or 1000 sales of 30$.
  9. Most stores where you order your components have this option.
  10. I build my new PC only 4 days ago but so far everything going strong hehe. Ryzen 1600 with a Asus Prime B350-Plus as well. In holland we have a package which i bought. No idea if it's avaible in other countries as well.
  11. May i ask why you need so many storage? I mean you have a total of 4tb.
  12. Thats why i said the 1070 does decent atm, and he should get a 1080. a normal 1080 should be fine though. But since he has the budget might as well go for a 1080TI.
  13. A 1070 or a normal 1080 would perfom fine in 4k. 1070 may struggle at some games on ultra + 4k. But in general will still give decent results. You can also go for a normal 1080. I'm guessing you can find pretty much any card in the color you want
  14. First off, go look up what mouse you are using, you have a gaming mouse as i understand? No idea how you can not know which one it is. Anyway, mouses like the logitech etc have a custom program (logitech gaming software) In which you can control the dpi manually. Check those, the buttons on your mouse might still be to high. If the lowest setting dpi on your mouse is 2000 for example, you can change that per button in those softwares.
  15. Dont worry, that's why you have this forum. People will be more than happy to help you. What @IntMD means, is getting a higher refreshrate. Not dual monitors(although once you try, your hooked) But if you have that big of a budget you should go for a higher refreshrate. Do some googling if you don't know what it does. And as i said before, it looks like you have quite the budget, in that case a SSD is essential.