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  1. Could you explain why it's not great? Like what to watch when buying a good one etc. I'm curious about this stuff and would like to learn.
  2. COOLERMASTER PSU G750M 750WATT MODULAIR It's an oldy, I just saw it's from 2014. So it's been in 2 pc's already. Will it be able to handle let's say a new graphics card, new cpu and some more memory/storage?
  3. Zen 2 sounds good. Is it compatible with my mobo? And no I havent tried VR yet. But as I explained above about my situation with moving into my house, once I move in that will be part of my new setup sooner or later. Always wanted to try VR but found it to expansive(still though).
  4. Thats good to know thankyou. Also I'm not sure out of my head. I believe I have more then enough. Someone around 800watt. But I have to look once I get home. Will PC partpicker also take psu into account? And calculate how much you need.
  5. I'm mostly upgrading because I want a new case really badly. As I will be moving into my first home somewhere this year, I want to make a proper setup instead of a old broken pc case sitting under a small desk. I wanna make a nice proper setup which includes a new PC case with te possibility to add some nice lights etc. I figured that since I'm moving to a new PC case I might as well do a small upgrade. The PC performs fine for now. Could have some more FPS on the triple A games but besides that it runs fine indeed. This upgrade is not for now though, but for over 1 or 2 months. I just wanted to take my time and start a bit with preparing/thinking about it.
  6. Hi everyone, I bought my PC a little over 2 years ago(also with the help from you guys!). However, I think it's time for a small upgrade. It still runs everything perfectly fine, but still. I am looking for help on this because I have little to no knowledge of what is best for the price right now, and if all the components fit together/If I need a better PSU or anything. My current build: Motherboard: ASUS PRIME B350-PLUSCPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.2GHhzGPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 DUAL 8GBRAM: 16,00GB DDR4-3000Hard Drive: Western Digital Blue 1TB 7.200rpm SSD: M2 250GB (for Windows mostly). 2 - 24 inch screens (1 60ghz and 1 144ghz with gsync) I have about 500 euro and a part of that goes to a new case which i desperatly need.(this one was already second hand and not in the best shape). not sure which case that will be yet. Probaply a rather clean and simple one which I cann add lights to in the future. Any idea's on what to upgrade first/what is the best bang for the buck? It's mostly for Gaming, and a little bit for coding/general PC usages such as internet,watching movies etc etc. I few things I would like to note with this is that eventually I would like to add a third screen. So that might decrease my performance as well I'm guessing? Extra question: Does PC part picker recognize if components work together? Thanks a lot in advance
  7. Doubting between a ryzen and Core I5. As you said, i'm not sure if it's worth the extra 150 as long as the cpu doesnt bottleneck the gpu.
  8. That looks like a solid build. I'm going to dive a bit more into that one. Thanks alot.
  9. Sorry for the late reactions, I was away from home. No RBG etc doesnt matter. Purely performance and bang for the buck :)
  10. Here's my situation. his Laptopis getting worse and old and he wants to transition to a desktop. But as someone without to much knowledge of pc's I came here for help. I know a little here and there but not enough to make a complete build. I would highly appreciate any help you can give me Budget: 1200 at a absolute max What am i gonna do with the pc? Gaming only. Myself I've been thinking about a few things but haven't actually put something together. What i've been thinking is the following: Geforce 1060/1070 16gb RAM at least Some good processor, amd maybe? Atleast 1 TB space, but prefer 2TB. SSD would come in really handy. Somekind of room for extra components in the future. A disc drive is not really needed but always welcome. A wifi card Note: This price includes a monitor, and I'm not a 100% sure but I think keyboard as well, and other things needed. As he is transitioning from a laptop to PC, he has nothing. All he has is a mouse and headset.
  11. I am using that, I overlooked his answer. Thanks, will do this tonight! Buying a second system just for youtube is a bit bruto indeed lol. Especially because it works fine if I don't put it in fullscreen.
  12. Hmm, odd. Why only with fullscreen though? And why do all games lagg, even low end games like league
  13. Not sure if this is the right part of the forum to put this but, When I'm playing a game on screen A, and I put youtube on screen B it works fine. However, when I put youtube on fullscreen while game is still running after about ~10sec my game starts to lagg really bad. If i take it out of fullscreen it works fine. I've already reinstalled my OS when i bought a brandnew SSD a while ago put problem still exists. Not sure what the problem might be. Any idea's? NOTE: 1 thing that might help is, 1 screen is 144ghz with Display port, and the second is 60ghz with HDMI. Specs: Ryzen 1600 GTX 1070 16GB Windows 10 Pro SSD - 970 EVO
  14. Update, After multiple struggles I finally got it working. First i was missing M2 screws, than my windows decided to install a part of windows on the HDD, eventhough i only selected the SDD, than I had to enable UEFI mode. etc etc, but after 2 installs of windows everything is working great now! Thanks for the tips!
  15. I'll update this with my outcome for anyone walking into this problem. Asus kind off said "fuck you we don't send them" but did link me to this webshop: https://www.highflow.nl/modding/schroeven-bouten-etc./m.2-ssd-standoff-and-screw.html And said I could order that one. Sadly, I have no choice, but paying 1,60 for a product and 6,50 for sending is just beyond retarded. Anyways, hope I helped someone with this sollution.