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  1. yea... no.... Sorry to dissapoint you but you'll need it a bit more if you want to edit videos and play gta 5... Whats the max you can spend?
  2. What do you want to do with it?
  3. I bought mine on kinguin. 20 euro.
  4. Can you place links to the laptops so we can look into them?
  5. pc build

    Well he gave the 1500 usd himself We kinda are indeed. We're talking about general editting etc. but either way the 1600 will handel it fine as well, and he could fit in a 1070 if he goes for ryzen. Just suggestions though.
  6. pc build

    This. Go for a ryzen 1600 + a 1070.
  7. That's odd. Since you already listed a monitor you have.
  8. there's more than 1 AC? i thought those were all DLC ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. Seems like a bit more than only disabling the splashscreen. Again, i have no idea what you changed etc, but thats why i asked what kind of settings did you change?
  10. Could be handy, but not really needed. CS:GO is a game that can be heavy on your CPU.
  11. I can't answer everything, but i can answer some parts. -LED's staying on after turning the PC of is a feauture. Used for charging your phone at night for example. I have the Asus prima b350 and can download software from asus to turn those settings of.(although i'm to lazy to do it). -Yes. CS:GO uses your CPU a lot. -Besides the fact your PC acts weird and keeps restarting etc or takes 20 seconds before it starts booting, at the start you described a 20 sec boot in general, which is out of my own expierences not weird at all if you dont have an SSD. -RAM runs on a lower mHz often, you can change this in the bios. I would like to know what you changed etc. It sounds like you had a problem, and tried fixing it by doing random shit and changing random settings.
  12. How is GTA badly optimized? It runs flawless on my and my friends PC's. And how is the map boring? Don't get me wrong, everyone can have it's own opinion etc, nothing wrong with that. But the GTA v world offers the most out of all.
  13. lmao. That's a lot you're demaning for that price. Just save up.
  14. Its gonna be locked.
  15. i understand, but dont expact that thing to run your overwatch and bo3. + keeping the future and upcoming games you might want in mind is always good