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  1. okay well my cpu should be fine then hey
  2. What would make intelburn test any different then running something like p95? Are you saying the cpu is more likely to fail when using intelburn test then some other test?
  3. Well i have the voltage on auto and a auto OC on ryzen master.
  4. how badly do you think i degraded it? and i was running intelburn test on maximum. Temps are 70c-80c when gaming.
  5. im getting the arctic freezer 34 duo in a few days to replace the stock cooler
  6. Was doing a stress test the cpu hit 95c stayed there for maybe 10-15 mins then the pc did a hard shutdown. What are the chances that i damaged it?
  7. im outputting through hdmi from my video card. this problem happened after i switched to a new tv, the audio was working fine before.
  8. amd audio driver isn't working. im only able to select realtek.
  9. the realtek and amd audio drivers are conflicting with each other causing no audio through my tv. how do i fix this? ive already tried reinstalling the drivers.
  10. just got a new tv after i switched no sound. It wont let me select the amd hd audio driver from when it was working, its stuck on realtek audio driver. how do i fix this. I already tried reinstalling the driver suite, didn't work.
  11. Thanks! that worked, just had to fix the "aspect ratio" in my tv settings.
  12. I can't scale the to the exact size of my tv/monitor. its always a little to big or to small. Is there a way to fix this like a custom scaling program or something? i have a 5700xt so im using the built in scaling option in amd's control panel, but there isn't a exact fit.