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  1. Ok so I purchased a used laptop but the guy installed the OS to the HDD instead of the SSD, so what would be the easiest way to switch this?
  2. Im not exactly new to overclocking i just haven't experienced a full system restart when overclocking a gpu, yes a cpu but not a gpu. Most of the time id just get a driver crash from overclocking a gpu thats about it, but thanks now i know lol.
  3. Can an overclock to your gpu cause the computer to restart? When i tried raising my core clock from 150 to 160 on my gtx 1080ti it caused the system to crash and restart when benchmarking. Is this a normal response from a instable overclock? This has never happened to me before, so im worried it could be my psu maybe from not being able to power my system? Its a 650watt thermaltake.
  4. In my case it was absolutely necessary to change the bios and i actually did it through software from the manufacturers website, not through a usb.
  5. Im sorry if this is the wrong section in advance. I had to downgrade my laptop bios to 3 or 4 different versions before finding the right one that fixed my issue. All the bios updates were successful, so is there any reason to worry if i damaged something? I hear you're only supposed to do it once, but i had to do it multuple times to fix my issue i was having. Thanks
  6. I did click apply. And on other gpu's I've had maxing out the power limit alone would raise the score significantly.
  7. Hi my evga 1080 ti icx power limit wont go past 100% I could move the slider to 120 in afterburner but it doesn't register in hwmonitor it stays at 100 and my benchmark score doesn't raise either. Is the bios on this particular card have a locked power limit?
  8. Well the fan curve is set to the same as when i could only push +20 on the core and its actually hotter in my place now because its summer now so idk. Could a gpu driver update affect the overclocking capability ?
  9. Yeah i've encountered this with a CPU many times, but not with a GPU thats why i ask lol
  10. Is it normal or common when you update your motherboard bios you're able to get a way better OC on your Video card? Before the update i couldn't push my 2060 past +20 on the core clock, now i'm getting +160 stable I never encountered something like this before lol
  11. where did you get the amp bios? i'd like to try that out and is it safe to do that?
  12. yeah my card is pretty much the cheapest rtx 2060 on the market.
  13. alright well.. i just ran a stress test while having the vcore to +100. I used the hwmonitor to see if there was any change in the voltage and the temps. There was no difference compared to stock, so i guess it is locked hey?
  14. trying to overclock my core, but i need more voltage to get it stable. but it doesn't look like raising the vcore is doing anything at all.. thats why im curious to know if nvidia locked the vcore