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  1. Franco Nero

    Private Internet Access (Pre-Roll Landing Page)

    Eventually i managed to get the answer i needed. I had to go back to my previous vpn for my very specific need but i have to admit that for the price is a great vpn that works very well and i am sorry i cannot use it. Just, the support should be more on point
  2. Franco Nero

    Private Internet Access (Pre-Roll Landing Page)

    I am tring PIA now and support sucks big time. I write them with a specific problem providing all the standard information needed. The first reply was basically a standard reply saying "it is not our problem" showing they did not even bother reading what i asked them and closing the email with "We appreciate you being an intricate member of the PIA family". I dont think is a good sign when somebody call you "intricate" I replied basically restating my problem. The answer was asking me basic information, some i told them already in the first email. Let's see when i will be able to get somebody from the technical service to consider me. For sure I had better experiences with other vpn services in terms of support.