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  1. Hi guys I have these parts Cooler master masterbox 5 casing (white) with the tempered glass MSI H97 Gaming 3 mobo G skill Trident X 16 GB kit (red) Samsung evo 850 SSD CM Hyper 103 CPU cooler graphics card doesnt have any leds so I am planning to install corsair AF case fans to front and back and a LED strip. which color shoud i choose to match with the parts. please tell me what to choose guys thanks
  2. okay i guys thanks for helping me out. bless u
  3. so what should i be achieving positive or neutral??
  4. Hi guys I'm going to buy 2 cooler master jetflo 120mm case fans and I have got another 120mm fan which came with the casing (cooler master masterbox 5). the casing has 2 intake openings and 2 exhaust openings. specs i74790 CM Hyper 103 air cooler 4 X 8GB 1600 mhz RAM MSI H97 gaming 3 mobo gonna upgrade to Vega 56 later I am planning to mount the 2 CM jetflo fans on the front and place the other 2 fans which came with the casing on the back. would it be ok if i do this or suggest me something better. btw I have my PSU fan facing down so it wont matter i guess.. my room temp is around 28C.
  5. thanks for helping me out. i'm gonna get the FSP one since EVGA is not available in my local store and i'm on a tight budget. thanks again mate cheers
  6. so if I buy a FSP Hydro G 750 will I be okay for the next 5 years?? hopefully buying a RX vega 56 sooner. and CPU is i7 4790. sorry for bad english.plz help
  7. Hi guys I need some help regarding extention SATA power cables. I have a Corsair RM 750 X PSU and I need to power some DVD Writers as they are not placed inside the casing. if I get some extention cables (like 15 pin SATA HUB 1 female to 5 male extension) and plugged into one of the cables in PSU will there be any problem or anything???please help me thank you.
  8. guys is this any good ???? Corsair Raptor Series HS40 Gaming 7.1
  9. in here the options are stupidly limited. these are the few good ones available here CM G650 Corsair RM 750X Corsair TX 650M FSP Hydro 600W