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  1. Which VPN is the best right now?

    I'm personally using ExpressVPN which is the best VPN. It never gives any issue about internet speed. I will suggest you use ExpressVPN.
  2. Best Gaming Headset for PS4 and PC? ($100 max)

    I have HyperX Cloud Stinger gaming headset and its really great gaming headset under $50.
  3. Pc help

    I was also facing the same issue about my laptop because of heat. After I clean my laptop and fan than its never got heat and working good. I will also suggest you check your PC also getting heat and fan working correctly.
  4. Best way to equalize volume

    Same I also use VLC media player. Thanks for sharing the trick links I will check and hope it helps.
  5. If our budget is under $800, I would suggest you go for ASUS ZX53VW. It has GTX 960 and comes with 512 GB SSD. In my opinion, it is one of the most suitable gaming laptops for you under $800. But, if you want to further cut shot your budget, then I would suggest Lenovo 320-15ABR, as it has AMD Radeon R7 built-in.
  6. If the CPU is the Brain..

  7. Favorite Pc Game

    I will write only 5 names of my favorite PC games: 1- Call of Duty. 2- Silent Hill. 3- Assassin's Creed. 4- Resident Evil. 5- Devil May Cry.
  8. PS4 Equal graphics for PC

    What Configuration and Graphics are good to compare PS4. Means I can play PS4 games on my PC without any issue. What are the configuration and Graphics card good?
  9. Can I play csgo without a graphics card?

    I didn't try it but before when I have Intel Core 2 Duo PC then I play Counter Strike and it will work perfectly. I don't think so without graphic card csgo will give any issue because it's not a heavy game and now in Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 can share by default graphic from your RAM. My opinion friend without a graphic card you can play csgo without any issue.
  10. Best Google Drive Sync alternative?

    While I totally trust Google Drive with all my files and sensitive documents, I prefer Dropbox when it comes to the syncing option. Moreover, you can check out a head-on comparison of Google Drive VS Dropbox to get a more clear idea of what are you dealing with and aspects on which you are missing out. I am a Dropbox user and I have never faced any issues with it. Although where big companies like Apple do have issues with their online cloud storage services, I am really satisfied with what I have. Peace.
  11. Anyone playing Battlefield 2?

    Does anyone play Battlefield 2 game? Is it really a good game. Any suggestion?
  12. What is the best Sniper Game in your Opinion?

    Hi, friend what I know Sniper Elite and Sniper: Ghost Warrior are the best sniper games in 2016.
  13. I'm also using Andriod mobile and didn't about we can use an Andriod app in windows. Did anyone suggest me about is it really we can use an Andriod app in windows 10? If it then how can we use it anyone guides me?
  14. Hi, friends, I'm using windows 10. Windows 10 you will get by default Windows Defender Microsoft Anti-Virus otherwise you can download from Microsoft site. It is really great free antivirus software. When I use windows 7 since that day I'm using this software still it's working perfectly never give me any problem and also never give me any issue about the virus. It's good antivirus software for me.
  15. New to PC Gaming: What do I buy?

    Hi, friend before I play Games on my laptop and it's working perfectly but now when I start playing the new games than I got problems for playing because of now my laptop configuration its low from games. Anyone suggest me what is the best option. Can I buy the new laptop or I can upgrade my laptop if it possible? what is the best option friends any suggestion?