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  1. I was looking around online today at work and came across an article talking about MagicLight, a smart light bulb company with bulbs for just $13 on Amazon today and light strips starting around $25, all controlled by an app over wifi with no expensive hub like Phillips Hue. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this company as I can't find many reviews online. Prices seem almost too good to be true but from the reviews I have found they seem to be decent enough products. I'd trust feedback from the community here more than the reviews I've found so far, though, so hopefully someone here has some experience with them.
  2. liamtrades12

    The cheapest card I can get?

    Ebay would be your best bet on such a limited budget. I'd wait a few months for some of the newer GPU's to come out and then you should see some pretty cheap cards that will get you that 60FPS you want. And don't forget about the older 900 series Nvida cards they are still good for getting 60FPS in a lot of games and are really cheap if you don't mind it being a bit out of date.
  3. liamtrades12

    SLI 2080 RTX TI VS 1 titan rtx?

    I love overkill just as much as the next guy but SLI 2 RTX 2080Ti's is just not worth the money in any circumstance. There is no use other than maybe mining that would require that much graphics power. One RTX 2080Ti is overkill on it's own for almost every circumstance. I mean if you really like throwing away money go for the 2 RTX 2080Ti's I'd love to see the pictures and benchmarks but honestly you are better off just buying one RTX card and spending the rest on RGB or literally anything else.
  4. liamtrades12

    Gaming - 3600 or 3700X?

    Honestly from the information that has been put out so far the 3600 with its 4.2GHz boost clock should be plenty of power for gaming, BUT it's always best to wait for reviews to come out to see if the numbers actually hold up in the real world. Plus waiting will hopefully let you avoid any, unlikely, early batch issues that might arise. Personally, I would go for the 3700x for the sake of future proofing so I don't have to upgrade in a few years when developers start taking advantage of eight cores for the big story mode games that you like to play. The 3600 would be more than enough for now and for the next one-two years as developers catch up but after that I could see it lagging behind a little in the big titles.
  5. liamtrades12

    Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions

    I'd like so see a video on Ubiquiti Amplifi and if it is worth it compared to the Unifi lineup. Or if you want an easier video an updated DisplayFusion video would be cool to see, maybe even include some macro talk from Taran?
  6. liamtrades12

    NZXT Cam Alternative?

    I've never used afterburner before, do you know if it plays nice with ASUS graphics cards and motherboards?
  7. liamtrades12

    Anyone still into GTA V Online?

    That's understandable it's a little late in the game to be buying it for PC again. Hopefully in the next two-three years the new one will come out and more players return to playing it on PC.
  8. liamtrades12

    Anyone still into GTA V Online?

    I know this is a long shot but is there anyone willing to play GTA V Online? I still enjoy playing online and could use some help with some sell missions and other stuff if anyone's down.
  9. liamtrades12

    NZXT Cam Alternative?

    As some of you may know, NZXT Cam is no longer a viable system monitoring software to use because of its data mining practices that NZTX refuses to address. I was wondering if anyone has found a good alternative that provides similar features and looks as good as Cam did? I currently use Speccy, but it is so bland and doesn't give you the option to show more than one performance graph at a time. If anyone has any alternatives that are more visually appealing please post them here.
  10. liamtrades12

    SLI 1070's or new 1080Ti/RTX series?

    In that case is NVLink and the supposed other features that developers need to support for the games worth the 50% cost variation?
  11. liamtrades12

    SLI 1070's or new 1080Ti/RTX series?

    so if the performance benefit is only minimal between the 1080Ti and 2080Ti what is the real benefit of the 2080TI? The new architecture?
  12. I build my current system back in 2016 when I had only two 1080p monitors on the system. Now that I am getting into day trading, I want to add a third monitor to the setup and upgrade my main monitor to a 120hz 1440p monitor at the minimum, maybe a higher resolution, for gaming. My concern is that my 1070 STRIX won't be able to keep up with the demand of all three monitors. I've been looking into the possibility of getting a second 1070 and putting them in SLI, but with the new NVLink coming out and more powerful cards like the 1080Ti and the 20 series cards available I was wondering if it would even be worth it to spend $500 on another STRIX 1070 card and SLI? If not, what would be the better route, 1080Ti or 2080Ti? I don't do any crazy rendering or video editing, I need the card primarily for gaming and for charting using TD Ameritrade's thinkorswim platform. That trading platform can be a little taxing on the card when you have it set to a very refined view like 1 minute but overall it's nothing like a 4k render in premiere. TLDR: Is it worth spending $500 on a second 1070 or should I upgrade to a 1080Ti or 2080Ti?
  13. liamtrades12

    Ultrawide or multi-monitor setup?

    thanks guys! I appreciate the help! and recommendations on where to get the LG ultrawides?
  14. liamtrades12

    Ultrawide or multi-monitor setup?

    I recently got into Forex trading, which is a type of trading that deals with the value of a countries currency compared to another, roughly. The markets in Forex move very fast, faster than the stock market. To keep up, I need to have multiple windows of charts open at a time to see how all of my trades are doing. The problem is I only have one monitor and switching between many different windows is getting to be annoying and time consuming. My question: would it be more cost effective and smarter to buy 6-8 1080p monitors versus buying 2-3 ultrawides, and would a single gtx 1070 be able to run all of the monitors?