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  • Birthday 1974-05-07

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    Mooroopna, Victoria, Australia
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    ICT, Audio Equipment, Powerwalls, Solar power
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    I have been in the industry since the early 1980's. I have run everything from a 1979 Vic 20 to massive 2017 Dell Xeon servers. I have been on beta teams from windows 98 - windows 10 (Microsoft beta ID 800286) Solaris beta's as well as different game beta's for decades now. Been a pc tech, been a mac tech, been a Linux tech, been a ICT manager, been a CIO.

    I have been in the IT industry long enough to know that there are many many MANY things I don't know. Any time you meet someone that thinks they "know it all" about ICT, you have met someone that does not know how broad ICT actually is.

    Or you could say - I ran into a computer once.
  • Occupation
    ICT Manager


  • CPU
    AMD FX-8320
  • Motherboard
    Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0
  • RAM
  • GPU
    Sapphire R9 280X Vapor X
  • Case
    Antec Nineteen Hundred
  • Storage
    A bunch of WD drives and a couple of Dell servers for extra space. plus a few NAS drives and then other shares on the other computers around the house.
  • PSU
    1200 watt something or other power supply
  • Display(s)
    2 of them. Amazed you didn't label that one as VDU's considering you used the TLA for PSU....
  • Cooling
    Custom cooling loop (running car radiator coolant)
  • Keyboard
    Dell keyboard I picked up somewhere.
  • Mouse
    Commodore mouse from the VicPro.
  • Sound
    some 10$ speakers.
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. I absolutely loved elementary. My only issue with it was that it doesn't support my older pc's - which is my reason for using Linux in the first place - to make old hardware like new again.
  2. I didn't think they did a hp-ux for the x86 processor line, only the risc, and ia64 platforms. If there is one, I'll definitely give it a go!
  3. I gave Debian another go - this time from the net install cd. It worked flawlessly and I now have all I wanted, google chrome, steam ect running on it perfectly! It's not slow on Debian either.
  4. It runs Solaris 10 fine, but Solaris 11 is just way too slow on it with the gui installed for a workstaton. Solaris 10 has issues with certificates, https and some other things making browsing on it troublesome out of the box and un have stopped supplying the companion cd as well. If Solaris was being truly maintained it would be a different thing but it just does not have the support behind it anymore.
  5. Downloading all 3 to try tonight. Hopefully one will just work out of the box...
  6. I did give Debian a go but I'll download it again just to give it another try. Maybe there was something wrong with the download...
  7. Hi Guys.I have spent about 2 weeks looking for a Linux that I can just burn to a DVD and then install on my other machine. This one I am having even worse issues. I can run the live installer but once the OS is installed, x just drops letters out randomly.This machine is an HP Workstation X4000 running a 36 GB SCSI drive, LSI controller, 1GB of Ram, a xeon 2.4 and a Quadro 4 750 GXL video card. Can anyone point me to a modern Linux I can run on it without having issues and without running like a dog? https://www.cnet.com/products/hp-workstation-x4000-xeon-2-4-ghz-monitor-none-series/
  8. Hi Guys. I have spent about 2 weeks looking for a Linux that I can just burn to a DVD and then install on my machine. Every time I have tried I have had issues getting to the desktop. My machine is a Sun Ultra20 with 2 500 GB sata drives, an AMD Opteron 148 processor 2GB of RAM and an Nvidia 1060 video card. https://www.cnet.com/products/sun-ultra-20-opteron-148-2-2-ghz-monitor-none-series/ Anyone have a modern Linux I can run on it without having issues and without running like a dog?
  9. Infiltrator

    How many browser tabs do you have open right now?

    3 on one browser, 2 on the other,
  10. Infiltrator

    things most people do but you don't?

    Small cases and form factors seem to be the thing today but not for me. Maxi tower all the way.
  11. Infiltrator

    Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned

    OMG! How did I not know that this existed!!!!
  12. Hi There I have an old Thermaltake Toughpower 850 AP modular power supply (W0131) and I need to get a replacement sata power cable for it. I know the pin outs on the cable are CLIP COM 3.3V Blank 12V COM 5V According to their documentation however I am not sure what cable I can buy to get a replacement one. I don't wnt to get a cable that is not wired up the same. Does anyone have any advice?