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  • Birthday 1974-05-07

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    Mooroopna, Victoria, Australia
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    ICT, Audio Equipment, Powerwalls, Solar power
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    I have been in the industry since the early 1980's. I have run everything from a 1979 Vic 20 to massive 2017 Dell Xeon servers. I have been on beta teams from windows 98 - windows 10 (Microsoft beta ID 800286) Solaris beta's as well as different game beta's for decades now. Been a pc tech, been a mac tech, been a Linux tech, been a ICT manager, been a CIO.

    I have been in the IT industry long enough to know that there are many many MANY things I don't know. Any time you meet someone that thinks they "know it all" about ICT, you have met someone that does not know how broad ICT actually is.

    Or you could say - I ran into a computer once.
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    ICT Manager


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    AMD FX-8320
  • Motherboard
    Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0
  • RAM
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    Sapphire R9 280X Vapor X
  • Case
    Antec Nineteen Hundred
  • Storage
    A bunch of WD drives and a couple of Dell servers for extra space. plus a few NAS drives and then other shares on the other computers around the house.
  • PSU
    1200 watt something or other power supply
  • Display(s)
    2 of them. Amazed you didn't label that one as VDU's considering you used the TLA for PSU....
  • Cooling
    Custom cooling loop (running car radiator coolant)
  • Keyboard
    Dell keyboard I picked up somewhere.
  • Mouse
    Commodore mouse from the VicPro.
  • Sound
    some 10$ speakers.
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Hi There I have an old Thermaltake Toughpower 850 AP modular power supply (W0131) and I need to get a replacement sata power cable for it. I know the pin outs on the cable are CLIP COM 3.3V Blank 12V COM 5V According to their documentation however I am not sure what cable I can buy to get a replacement one. I don't wnt to get a cable that is not wired up the same. Does anyone have any advice?
  2. Infiltrator

    Ok. I give up. Linux n Octane.

    The first unit is a dual 195Mhz R10000SC with 256Mb ram, 4Gb HDD, IRIX 6.5.13f installed that I want to change up. (IP30) The second one is a 250Mhz R10000SC with 512Mb ram, 18Gb HDD, IRIX 6.5.13 as well. (IP30) The third one is a 225Mhz R10000SC with 512Mb ram, 18Gb HDD, IRIX 6.5.13. (IP30) I can mix and match the hardware a little bit if needed (ie dump all the HDD's and ram into a single box) but I'd prefer to have all 3 running if I could.
  3. I have tried to find the answer for myself but can't wade my way through all the conflicting info. I want to run Linux on my SGI Octane workstations. I just want it to be a bit more modern than I have with Irix. So what Linux has the best support for SGI Octane workstations (ie what would have the best functionality). I was thinking Debian but now I don't even know if Debian (mips64) will support an Octane at all...
  4. Infiltrator

    New to Linux

    1. Yes. Linux is usually smaller and has led bloatware than windows. 2. As long as the DTE (Desktop Environment) is the same, they are pretty similar. 3. ElementaryOS is the way to go. It was designed with new users in mind (and Apple copied the look and feel of Elementary when they did osx...) 4. Yes. Just make sure you install a boot loader.
  5. Hi There. Just a simple question, What is the absolutely cheapest chassis I can get that I can put 35 500Gig SATA hard drives into so I can run Unraid on the hard drives I have lying around (I now have just under 90 500 gig SATA drives and desperately want to do something with them other than putting them on eBay....)
  6. Infiltrator

    How to use my hard drives

    I have walked into a set of about 30 500gig SATA hard drives. What I want to do with them is put them into a chassis and address them as one single drive on the network. What is my cheapest option to do this?
  7. Infiltrator

    I'm back FROM the FUTURE!

    I'm back from the future with a photo of Linus AGE: 65
  8. Infiltrator

    Linus's next computer!

    Ok, I know how much of a quiet Nerd Linus is. I think I found his new pc
  9. Infiltrator

    LTX 2018 Discussion Thread

    Honestly, can you set up some cameras and live stream it to youtube. Being in Australia there is no chance I can get there but if I could log in and see what is going on, I'd feel a little more connected to it.
  10. Infiltrator

    LTT and Ifixit

    Hi There I had my Ifixit toolkit stolen recently so I am going to buy another one. However, I was wondering if there was a code I could put in still to signify that I have come from LTT so that they get a boost from my purchase. I'm not looking for a discount or anything like that (althoug if there is one, that's cool) but just wanted to know what the old code was and if it still works?
  11. Hi There Im just wondering if there are any small cheap devices that you can plug various ram sticks into and find out what they are, what there speeds is and if they are any good?
  12. I'm looking for a pcie raid card (6 gig) with 8-Ports so that I can plug another 8 drives into my Windows 10 system. is there anything out there that is windows 10 compatible using SFF-8087?
  13. Finally my Ryzen 1700 arrived! Yay! After a fun night of system lockups (windows updates fixed that) drives not appearing in the bios (but installing windows fine so meh?!?!) learning that there is now basically Intel ram and AMD ram (so my Rupjaw V 3200 is actually 2133 in AMD land, meh) few other WTF moments, I am finally running, fast smooth and stable! So here comes my question. I have a Cooler Master Hyper TX3 Evo sitting here in its box looking pretty and I have the cooler that came with the processor, the stock wraith cooler. Since I plan to run it as fast as I can without impacting stability, which cooler would give me better cooling performance?
  14. Hi There. Was there a wan show where the guys were talking about Skype for Business being retired????