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Everything posted by Billy_Mays

  1. I know but why is this a thing
  2. I dont need to upgrade right now and that would be another OEM system taking up space and Im fine for now and I know the i5 2500 is better but Im going to upgrade to ryzen soon plus I am pretty sure that the dell system needs a specific PSU so I dont want to spend more money on a system that I dont need
  3. Pretty sure the games he played back then mostly was CSGO since he has over 900 hours close to 1000
  4. He played them about 2 years ago I cant remember title for title
  5. Thats ok and my FX 6300 its an ok CPU and I go between 90-170 fps but depends on the map
  6. I just got an ad on youtube for a kid making an ad for subscribers and his name is Clarice Sullivan and his accent is a little odd

  7. find the model number on the first stick and google that
  8. No high-ultra my freind has a 980 which has similar performance to a 1060 and he did play at 1080p for a little bit and it was reaching into the 200 in most games
  9. Why 144hz my 770 cant max games out you would have to lower the settings but why go with something that you really dont need
  10. Ok listen to what others are saying and don't do it again and why did you cut a wire on it when you knew it was important
  11. It's a little hot, try not to game on heavier titles with it
  12. What specs so we don't get s CPU or GPU bottle neck
  13. A single is fine for 1440p gaming and why would you need 32gb of ram?
  14. Try selling the case to see how much you get it for?