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Posts posted by Billy_Mays

  1. 1 minute ago, Cheeseburger203 said:

    Its a kentek 680w, I forget the exact model

    First mistake, buying a brand without much recognition. Second of all Most power supplies arent 680w thats a super uncommon wattage, its typically 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 750, 800, 850, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300. Those are the common wattages for power supplies. What are your exact specs too?


  2. Im wanting to get my audio solution fixed, like my speakers not being able to be driven, my microphone being quiet and want to see how far I can push my M40Xs, Im wanting to get better gear for my setup. My current microphone is pretty lwo end, its one of the cheap Amazon XLR microphones.


    I bought that two/three years ago. My speakers are aged a little bit, I know they are pre internet but they sound pretty decent without an amp. Im wanting to add a subwoofer to the sound set.


    The problem Im having is finding something that will support both my headphones, microphones, speakers and sub woofer. Im not wanting to spend quite a bit of money on this because its kinda unethical for me at the moment.


    The price point Id like to see this come at is around $150 Canadian -/+$50, I know that is pretty tough to ask for for what Im wanting, but Im able to skip out of the headphone portion for a little while since my G933s are still working quite well. I bought the M40Xs for pretty cheap.



    TLDR: Wanting to improve sound setp, need phantom power source, speaker setup, (2.1 have speakers not sub), wanting to get a headphone amp, for $150 -/+$50 Canadian.

  3. 16 minutes ago, will121162 said:

    Hi guys, I am looking to build an ITX size PC for my end of year project at college, i do not possess an ITX mother board and i was wondering if any of you guys had a template of the screw hole locations. any dimensions, templates or other useful information is all welcome. thanks have a nice day!

    You've got an atx or micro atx board?

  4. I'm trying to figure out why this board isn't post or booting. It receives power because the lights turn on. I know everything except the board works because I used the parts last night and they worked just fine. I've swapped gpus, pcie slots, tried with both ram sticks. Tried with one. Tried different slots. Same thing. The two leds for trouble shooting are on are the dram led and the sb_pwr led. So do I have an old bios and do I need to flash it? Or do I have a dead board?

  5. 5 hours ago, colonel_mortis said:

    The forum isn't made for 16:9 per se, it just has a limited width. The limited width is deliberate, because it is much more comfortable to read shorter lines (so design guides recommend limiting width). There isn't much else that we can do with the extra space on larger displays, so it has to be empty.

    Ok. That makes sense. I dont know too much about web design.

  6. Just now, Maximusfoximus said:

    What games are you trying to play?


    Often game freezing is a result of limited video memory. It is possible that your system is freezing when the VRAM fills up and tries to swap textures with the much slower system memory. 

    So, stutters in minecraft is maxing m vram? I've tried getting Rivatuner working but it wont work. And I mean its every game I play too. minecraft to pubg. And csgo gets the stutters too. I know Im not maxing my vram.


  7. Im having stutters on my system, while gaming and watching videos. Im trying to figure out why its not working properly because its driving me insane. My specs are Xeon e5 2630L v3, 8gb ddr4, RX 560 2gb, Adata SX6000, 1tb wd green 7200rpm, 500gb wd blue 5400 rpm. Ive tried a haswell freeze fixes but nothing. Ive disabled 4 cores 8 threads same thing. I cant get it to boot with 4 cores 4 threads. Why is my games freezing. Regardless of game the game installed on my ssd or hard drive. I disable Intel Hyper boost. I am very clueless and its very annoying why its freezing regardless and why its doing it. So Im willing to try anything.



  8. 4 minutes ago, W-L said:

    It depends on the keyboard if it has a mid-plate that will make it a little more difficult since you'll need to desolder the switch from the back and then lift them from the midplate. How did the switch break if it's just the top portion with the + shaped stud you can take apart the switches themselves and just replace that. 

    Should’ve remembered you wouldve came in here and ask questions.