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  1. Everytime i turn on my computer first thing in the morning it all goes no signal screen after windows 10 logo disappears. I cannot turn on number lock and the other. But after i went to safe mode then rebooted my pc it finally worked. What is the problem in my computer? Updated: nVidia GTX 1050 is up to date and same condition after the update
  2. So i have an XBox 360 WIre controller when connected to the computer, the led turns green and after that some seconds passes by and turns the led off and a message says that usb cannot be recognized, but when pressed the xbox button turns green and shut down again and the message also. I tried to replace the usb type A with another usb type a that is working. The cable of the controller is nonremovable. please help.
  3. I have an OPPO F5 Youth with Android 7.1.1 and with OTG Support I tried different USB Sound Card and it works perfectly but quality of audio is what i don't like but i have extra usb sound card here where it supports SPDIF out. I want to use to for my phone but the problem is it apparently using SPDIF out instead of the front channel out. This sound card uses cmedia cm6206 chip. Any solution to work on my android phone? thanks
  4. Will reflashing my mobo to latest bios version fix the problem?
  5. Well my pc already have windows installer on the first hard disk, there are 3 hard disk here and they are connected via sata ports. What happen is that when i turn on my pc, it just stops until to the asus logo because i have asus p8h61m lx3 plus r2. 0 motherboard and i cannot boot to the bios menu. The only way i can go to bios menu is to disconnect all my drives. Another troubleshooting i did is that when i have only one (any) hard disk connected via sata port still happens to freeze on the asus logo in which i cannot even go to the bios settings and also ctrl + alt + delete does not work.
  6. I have 3 hdd installed and plugged in in my p8h61m lx3 plus r2.0 motherboard. When i plugged none of the hard disk, it work somehow onto the bios but when one is plugged, it cannot boot up. Need help thanks in advance
  7. Any software to customize windows 10 installer/iso which is easier, please do not mention Microsoft Development Toolkit and even NTLite
  8. I am planing to setup my macOS to run on hybrid drive with HDD and SSD, when i install windows on macbook, will it benefit my windows OS?
  9. I have an error in my configuration editor in my Equalizer APO in choosing the iZotope Ozone 8 Plugins says Library does not contain needed functions. I am also looking for the supported VST for Equalizer APO. Thanks in advance.
  10. i tried it with 27015 and nothing happens
  11. what should be my external source port number?
  12. So i am trying to portforward my computer so i can host a server but no luck, it cannot portforward I have a HUAWEI HG8245H .
  13. It worked with some pop up that triggered the network disconnection. It triggered my Advanced SystemCare which does not allow the Counter Strike do modify