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    Erie, PA


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    r5 3600
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    gigabyte b550 aorus pro ac
  • RAM
    32gb gskill trident z 3200mhz
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    evga rtx 2070 super xc ultra
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    inwin 101
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    samsung 860 evo 1tb
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    Corsair hx750 platinum

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  1. the complete mouse driver uninstall did the trick, thanks again
  2. Ok, I'll give that a shot in the morning. Gotta dig up a basic mouse from my attic. Thank you again
  3. The only recent changes or updates were the more recent windows update. I tried a CMOS reset yesterday. I'll look for the legacy USB setting, I haven't used a gigabyte motherboard in at least 16 years now and I swear everything in the bios uses different names lol. I've been using Intel since my opteron days , is there any AMD specific settings I should know about?
  4. It's newish, like 3 weeks. But this issue started 3 days ago.
  5. I see I forgot my psu in the post lol it's a Corsair hx 750 platinum. I tried unplugging the keyboard during boot so it's just the mouse and the issue persists. Gonna do a clean windows install tomorrow and try again. Thanks for the replies
  6. i did try my other one a g502 and it does the same thing, im wondering if maybe its a bios setting where power gets temporarily interrupted to the usb ports when the os takes over or if its just a crappy windows 10 update issue. I have tried all the ports from the 3.2 gen 2s all the way down to the 2.0s and the fronts
  7. My mouse cursor freezes on windows boot up and i have to unplug and replug it in every time, any ideas? steelseries 3 mouse razer cynosa chroma keyboard r5 3600 gigabyte b550 aorus pro ac 32gb trident-z 3200mhz evga 2070 super xc ultra 860 evo 1tb
  8. Im running 20.4.2 and no issues for mine anymore, i also changed my pcie setting on my mobo to gen 3 instead of auto which stopped random black screens too. seems some people were having the issue with gen4 being buggy with this card edit: if you are using afterburner as well it can cause issues
  9. sooooo, i swapped my 2070 super with my daughters red devil 5700xt and problems went away. Guess it was just either a card issue or something in the drivers specific to my pc messing it up, but the blotchy colors are gone and the game is much sharper on either monitor. Thanks for all the help and replies though
  10. okay ill try it here in a bit , would suck to lose my gsync though haha
  11. oh okay, as long as my hardware isnt the issue i can deal with it
  12. yeah i have 2 the one im using right now iis the msi g24c4 and the other is the lg27gl83a, which is weird cause ity has the same issues on my 1440p one, the lg