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  1. bnanos79

    Floatplane Support

    hello i am a floatplane subscriber since it started but now i changed my credit card and when i hit the purchase button on floatplane an error pops up saying something went wrong any idea what might the issue be?
  2. bnanos79

    Keyboard and mouse dont work in bios!!

    will an adaptor work?
  3. bnanos79

    Keyboard and mouse dont work in bios!!

    i dont have any ps2 keyboards/mice and i dont think i have an adapter
  4. I cant cant get into the bios they only starts to work when windows boots,i tried going into the bios through windows and i got in but both were still not working,this is a very weird issue and i dont know how to fix it, I really need to get into the bios as well to change some fan setting,sata setting and overclock stuff
  5. bnanos79

    New hdd sounds weird but passes all tests.

    Yea thats what i really meant,i guess i will do that lets hope they accept it.
  6. So i got 2 new wd blue hdd's,one of those sounds pretty weird and loud,louder than the other other one,the sound is almost like a fan spinning,the weird thing is that it passes all tests like smart,bad sector testing and reads and writes are normal.Should i rma it?
  7. bnanos79

    Intel optane 32gb vs 240gb ssd cache?

    i already have an ssd as a boot drive i want to use my secondary one for caching because it is not enough by itself and the hdd's are pretty slow
  8. bnanos79

    Intel optane 32gb vs 240gb ssd cache?

    is window storage spaces caching any good?first time that i am hearing about and it is used mostly in server application from what i have seen.
  9. I have 2 1tb hdd in raid 0 and i am looking to cache them in some way,what would be better?I was thinking that the ssd would be better using primocache and maybe using 2gb of ram caching as well.But since intel added optane as an option for secondary drives it may be an option.
  10. i mean its as good as the dark rock pro 3,it is a 220w part and the best downdraft cooler,but what does that have to do with the difference between individual core temps and the cpu temp in hwinfo?
  11. yea maybe its becuase i overclocked the cache to 4,7ghz,although i thought that that was a normal cache oc
  12. i am using the be quit dark rock pro tf
  13. I have an 8700k at 5ghz up until recently i was looking at core temps only and the highest core was around 83,the other day i downloaded hwinfo and while the core temps were fine there as well the cpu temp was 92!!what is that and how does it differ from the individual core temps?
  14. EDIT:thanks for the help first of all,but FINALLY i found the problem,for some reason my mobo in the power draw settings,which where very hidden,when set on auto it limits the cpu to 95w so after some time it downclocked to reach that target(3.5ghz)now its fine.A good thing to know for troubleshooting and if other people experience the same problem.
  15. no i tried it with it on just now and still the same,anyway i had the cpu core ration at fixed mode which disables it automaticly but in both instances the same happened