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  1. Vertical oriented pc cases?

    there is a Thermaltake Core G3. which is under 100dollars. I want to get this one, but it would require to get a SFX PSU. and there is the Azza Z case thats under 100. but its an mini-itx case but uses a reg PSU... or you can always DIY a side mount GPU

    scrapyard like as in a recycling place or a restore place?
  3. PC for Seniors

    i'm talking more about the OS. that is more geared to seniors. i know telikin's base model is like 700dollars. but the OS is what i'm looking for more info on. is the OS really user friendly like their reviews claim.
  4. PC for Seniors

    Hey, so i seen the video of Linus and his Grandpa and him showing all those Google products. and it brought up a discussion with my wife and her mother. She never used a pc and my wife wanted to get her into the technology world. Would you ever do a video for seniors and cover something like the Telikin PC. I read some reviews but all the reviews are from the company itself and no 3rd party reviews that i could find. And is there other options? a OS that is similar? Thanks!

    how about instead of Linus or Luke do scrapyard wars, have them be judges instead. have the guys that work at LinusMediaGroup do Scrapyard wars.