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  • CPU
    i3 3240
  • Motherboard
    asus h61m-k
  • RAM
    2x4 gb ddr 4 1600Hz
  • GPU
    sapphire rx 470 nitro++ 4gb
  • Storage
    1tb hdd + 240gb hdd
  • PSU
    seasonic s12ii-520 bronze 520w

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  1. donaldtrump

    upgrading pc - rx 470

    The i7 3770 I just found comes with 3 years warranty (from the store).
  2. donaldtrump

    upgrading pc - rx 470

    I found an i7 3770 for 186$ (650 ils), is it worth it?
  3. donaldtrump

    upgrading pc - rx 470

    Isn't buying used processors unsafe?
  4. donaldtrump

    upgrading pc - rx 470

    Hello everyone, so 1 year ago I upgraded my i3 3240 4gb ram pc with a new rx 470, a 240 gb ssd and an additional stick of ddr3 memory (4gb). Every game I initially intended to play is currently running smoothly (I expected worse performance). AAA titles that are considered performance intensive like the witcher 3, gta 5, watch dogs 2 and such are running on 40-55 fps and they look spectacular, of course some times I need to turn off post processing effects that are cpu intensive to get a higher fps number but everytime I lower settings like texture resolution the fps remains the same. Now I started playing late 2017 titles like ac:origins (and also bf1 and battlefront 2) and the performance was indecipherable... underwhelming... I'm going to upgrade my cpu, now should I buy a 8th / 7th generation cpu and upgrade my board (socket) and ram (to ddr4), or buy an older cpu that will match the current socket in my MB that only supports 3-4 generation intel processors? Should I get an i5 3th/4th generation or an i7 to get 60 fps on ultra? What is the difference between the i5 4660 and the i5 4660s and 4590 and such? Thanks, and sorry for poor language
  5. donaldtrump

    General Graphics Card Question

    Wow a gtx 1070 for almost 500$, what a spectacular deal. Seriously wait for the mining trend to pass away and then buy a gtx 1070.
  6. donaldtrump

    New setup

    I'm am currently considering a white and wooden setup
  7. donaldtrump

    New setup

    I want to create a setup with personality, was thinking about alex drawer, with linnmon table top, what do you say? What colors should I pick for them? Black/white? Also my monitor is black, I have Standart keyboard and mouse, and my pc doesn't look that good from the outside, planning to keep it behind the drawer. Any recommendation for building my setup?
  8. donaldtrump

    New setup

    Someone else?
  9. donaldtrump

    New setup

    Hey guys. I'm getting a new setup. I'm going with Alex drawer unit and linnmon table top, what colors can you recommend? Black or white? Also I want to add personally to the setup, any recommendations?
  10. donaldtrump

    1000 euro pc

    Trust me, if I run gta v on 50 fps with rx 470 and i3 3240 (msaa x2), gpu is more important.
  11. donaldtrump

    How good are the Gigabyte GPU?

    To be 100% honest you can run a gtx 1080 with a 450 watt psu.. even 430... But cheaping out on power supplies is a dumb move.
  12. donaldtrump

    1000 euro pc

    Uh, no. Not even remotely correct go build an i7 7700k build with rx 460 and then complain about fps.
  13. donaldtrump

    Overclocking rx 470

    Ok I can't seem to justify that much effort for 10% boost. nvm.
  14. donaldtrump

    Overclocking rx 470

    Hey guys. I have a rx 470 and thinking about overclocking it. I currently have an i3 3240, but the performece are rly good, even in AAA games like witcher 3 (high-45 fps). Will the overclock give me a visible advantage? How to overclock? What clock speed I can achieve?
  15. donaldtrump

    Overwatch isn't good game for competetive.

    overwatch is a comp game, but the current meta is so unbalanced that the game lost any competetive aspect. Moreover, if you get placed in lower ranks it's immpossible to rank up.