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  1. What is the highest amount of RAM that is on stick? I know 128GB ECC memory exists, but does it go higher? (ECC Memory)
  2. Hi! I'm looking to start a gaming YouTube channel, but most of my captures have a little washed out effect over them, but when I use DXTory, it looks almos exactly like the game. Graphics processing or hard drive space isn't a worry, I'm just looking for the best settings. Specs: 1080, 6700K, 24GB RAM, 1TB HDD. Thanks!
  3. Get a graphics card, it's pretty easy to upgrade and really important for gaming/whatever you need to do.
  4. So I just OC'd my 1080, which is the ROG STRIX 1080 A8G or something, and I wanted to compare with others in the community. Right now I have a +150 MHz on clock speed and +750 MHz on memory clock in MSI Afterburner. Does anyone know the highest I can get, because when I use these settings I get a bit of performance increase and they work pretty well for me, but I always wanna see what's the highest I can go while still staying stable. So if you could put your Clock Speed, Memory Clock, Temps, or just a screenshot of MSI Afterburner it would help me out a ton! Doesn't matter which 1080, but please don't put in 1070s or 1060s, and the 1080ti just makes me jealous xD.