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  1. Did DDU twice, installed 2 of the newest older driver that I know is fine. And i do it in safe boot, so no network there.
  2. I'm with Asus ROG. And i did go to their Service Center, twice already. The first time they reseat the cooler, repaste, and clean the interior. The second time (which is yesterday), they told me the laptop is complete fine (at least according to their diagnostic server). So there's where am I. Exhausted of all plausible explanation and solutions.
  3. GPU - 1, the GTX 1660Ti lmao. Told you, the symptoms is like thermal throttling. The game will run fine for about 10-50 seconds, and then the fps will drop with no chance of going over 25 fps even in lower setting. But the temps are fine (70-85c), the GPU is running 300Mhz over base clock, and usage is over 90%. There is no way iGPU could run witcher 3 Ultra at 60fps @ 1080p
  4. Nope, not solved. In my case, it's in all my demanding games, such as GTA V, Witcher 3, and even Unigine Heaven 4.0 Benchmark. The fps will hold for like 10-50 seconds, and then it will drop to 20. I also asked my friend with Lenovo Y530 (GTX 1050Ti), he doesn't have the same issue. Downgrading the driver doesn't help either. I have no fricking idea what's going on.
  5. Thanks for the info, but I tried it, twice with 2 different version of the newest older drivers (if that makes sense) and still nothing.
  6. It's not only GTA, or any other game. It's in all other games. I'm getting like 25-35 FPS in Sims 4, 20 fps on any other more demanding title (GTA V, Witcher 3, Just Cause), which makes no sense for i7 9750H and GTX 1660Ti. Hell I've tried Unigine Heaven 4.0 benchmark with maxed out setting on 1080p and only getting 700-1100 Score (normally should be getting around 3000). I tried everything, Vsync on/off, power mode, no fps limiter anywhere, battery boost, even downgrading my driver with DDU. Ducking everything i found in the forums, to no avail. It's like throttling because the fps drop only occurs around 10-50 seconds after high GPU usage task, but the Temps are normal (70-80C) and the usage is maxed (90-100%). I thought i was the only one, but so far i found 1 other people getting the exact same problem, around 5 days ago. I'm still clueless after all these hours.
  7. Of course plugged in. How to check it on GeForce Experience? Battery boost?
  8. I'm sorry but it does absolutely nothing. Framerate still capped at 20 fps despite GPU boosting. I really have no clue
  9. hi, I'm on a phone so sorry for the formatting. The problem is exactly the title. I was playing GTA & Witcher 3 on my GU502's, at the end of the day I'm updating the nvidia driver to version 451.48. Color me surprised when the Laptop won't go over 20 FPS in all game except Sims 4 (which is barely a game in the first place). Mind you, i was getting 60-120 FPS in all my other games. I typed this as i was getting back from Asus Service Center for the second time. Both times they're telling me that the hardware is in a perfectly good shape. So my guess is the Nvidia driver is the culprit. I've done EVERYTHING except pulling my hairs out. Can anyone confirm problems with this driver?
  10. Well, seeing your fondness of traveling makes me think about it. If it's really not an issue, I'd suggest to look into Asus ROG lineup, MSI gaming laptops, and HP Omen. Personally, i like the Asus Strix GL553/VD or Asus Strix II GL504/GM. Their only difference is their generation which might affect price, especially in SEA.
  11. Well they are often heavy and way overpriced. And their service has been acting up lately (though i can't vouch for that, knowing from online reports) I mean, Asus Zenbook UX533 series has really good specs and impressive design, IMO. And Asus Zephyrus is really thin for such a powerful pack (i think it used to be the thinnest monster gaming laptop in the world)
  12. Indonesia to be precise, sure. https://www.lazada.co.id For their legitimacy and have a nice selection https://m.jd.id Their legitimacy is one of the best, but kinda shitty in selection www.tokopedia.com Is kinda sketchy, but been pretty good as long as my using period
  13. Honestly, I'd stay away from anything Alienware. Asus Strix II & Asus Zephyrus looks nice without looking flashy
  14. Exactly what I'm thinking! It's really hard to decide. I guess my habit of neglecting smartphone upgrade finally bites me in the ass. It sure be nice to have new phone after a long 4 years, but kinda worried with the constant abuse my laptop could take.
  15. I'm in SEA, so price might hike up after decently heavy tax. Laptop budget? I'd like to keep it under $1000 Usage? Honestly, mainly hours and hours of document reading and simultaneous multimedia playback, and the occasional The Sims 4 I've been raging on lately For weight, I'd like to keep it under 1,5 KG/ 3lbs I have no battery preference because its fairly easy to find wall plug in my campus, but I'd be nice to have decent hours for those wire free freedom. For compactness, I'd like to keep it under 14 Inch. I think 12-13 is the sweet spot for me.