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  1. what is a "good" set of headphones with a 2.4Ghz connection?
  2. title says it all, I guess I'll post it here in audio to make the mods happy....
  3. I believe the thin film behind the ear cushion got damaged somehow as they still work and sound perfect until you move your head or touch the ear cup... its as if the pressure inside the ear cup is causing the issue not the driver itself.
  4. you say that yet in audio my post has zero replies after hours yet in general I actually have responses.
  5. I would be fine with getting another set of the penrose but the set I have messed up (crackling noise in the left ear) which seems rather common for planar magnetic headphones. and I dont want to have to deal with replacing them again. I've also been looking into the JBL Quantum one's.
  6. Coming from a pair of Audeze Penrose these Virtuoso SE's sound like junk and the audio page is practically useless so please don't move this thread to audio... can anyone give me a good EQ for FPS games or recommend a better set of cans? with the Audeze's you can literally hear every single little thing around you but every eq ive tried with the corsair's sounds muffled or way too rumbly bass.
  7. is the penrose really the best wireless headset you can get?
  8. what benefits would I get from upgrading to a 11900k? I have an asus z590-p which I know would unlock another m.2 slot. other than that would the performance justify the price? system is a gaming rig (10700k, 16gb 3200 ram, nvidia 3070, 512gb ssd and x2 2tb hdd) mostly used for fornite and racing sims, (Forza series)
  9. I honestly have no idea what something like this would cost to try and make a budget, but I'd like to stay under maybe $400 USD not including the actual camera's or storage (just the system)
  10. Budget (including currency): undetermined Country: USA Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: home security I live in a rather rural area with very poor internet and would like to set up a more or less "offline" security system. not exactly sure how to go about it. (ie system requirements/specs) or software. I want to have at least 4 external cameras and 2 internal cameras with the ability to expand to at least 20 cameras total in the future when we purchase a new house. I don't intend to connect this system to the interne
  11. in 20+ years I've never once seen a game pad called a keyboard or a controller called a gamepad.
  12. I'm looking to replace my damaged audeze penrose and and curious if there are any other headets with the same sound / mic quality and still over a 2.4Ghz wireless. I'm afraid of the replacements getting damaged easily aswell or I would just get another set of the Audeze's
  13. anyone have an AZERON game pad? I'm looking into getting one but looking for the differences between the class/compact and cyborg.