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    An usual day, was finding a good place to talk tech with other people
    And found this forum, managed to stay here for like 1 year and until now.
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  1. Man, i hope both of AMD and Intel aren't gonna do the Z490 and the Z390 thing because if they do that then the stability of the Chipset naming ecosystem wouldn't be as simple as before.


    I mean why tho? just extra PCIe lanes on AMD's Z490 and more USB 3.1 on intel's Z390? Childish chipsets.


    Now i know they might be appealing for enthusiast but why didn't they make it at the first place of this year?

    1. panther420


      I'm getting real sick of this chipset copycat bullshit AMD has been pulling. AMD is like that kid in 1st grade or whatever that would repeat everything you said just to annoy you and "stop" meant nothing to him. Gamers Nexus summed it up pretty nicely in their video: