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  1. Every time that I watch a video on Floatplane I naturally will scroll my mouse wheel up. This is because as I am looking at the video player it appears as though the video may be getting cutoff. I know that I am not actually losing any image but its a weird look IMO to have the top of the video player directly against the search bar. Maybe consider adding just a few pixels of buffer to ease my insanity. I made used dev options to see what it would look like with 5px between the video and search bar and I think it is much better looking, but you could get away with even less. First image is with buffer (my version) , second image is without buffer(current version)
  2. micash41


    your cpu is fine but you should really find a store that has them on display to see if you like them. very subjective, i love them others hate them. 3840X1440 would be a good resolution for your specs. You can almost always make games work with them. If youre an esports type of person you might like 16x9 more.
  3. just buy it and test it if your running correct voltage you wont hurt anything. for fan side red and black are normally positive and ground while yellow is a monitoring wire so your comp knows cpu speeds. i dont know what your trying to do exactly but that slide switch will toggle the power between two devices(or turn it off if nothing is connected to the other side. A momentary switch will turn fan on when you hold it and a toggle switch will turn it on when you flip it to the on position. if you let me know more details i can give more advice.
  4. id like to know what speeds your paying for cuz that is a large factor but i use an arris surfboard such as https://www.amazon.com/Arris-Surfboard-SB6190-DOCSIS-Cable/dp/B06ZZGXJKM/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1534724229&sr=1-4&keywords=arris%2Bsurfboard&th=1 and an asus router such as https://www.amazon.com/Dual-Band-Super-Fast-Gigabit-MU-MIMO-RT-ACRH13/dp/B01LXL1AR8/ref=sr_1_6?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1534724363&sr=1-6&keywords=asus+router and never have any trouble with it. smart connect is great
  5. i sell my ram to the local butcher.... ..... .... jk use craigslist and sell it for like 130aud tops. no one who wants to be flashy will want your ram and i can get ram with a flashy heat sink for like 175aud.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/eSynic-Optical-Extractor-Converter-Splitter/dp/B06VVTQY8D/ref=sr_1_6?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1534646768&sr=1-6&keywords=HDMI+Audio+Extractor what is your source that you would want a box to split audio off of. why not just run a aux cable
  7. anytime you can use bigger fans i would use them. 2 x 120 will move more air than 1 140 but larger fans can move the same air at a lower speed making them quieter. also more fans = more noise because sound is additive. but in this case it wont make a huge difference. two other things to note. 1. it will look better with the front filled with fans than with just 1 fan 2. the single 140 might as well go in the upper slot to breeze over the ram (completely depends on your setup tbh) bottom of case usually has no real heat making components and gpu can help bottom (depending on gpu) dont worry too much about case cooling it results in maybe a couple degrees in improvement
  8. id like to know exactly what youre trying to do to give a better answer but it will capture up to 1080p 60fps but the output will also be locked to 60 unless you change settings, watch below. alternatively Dxtory can capture whatever is on your screen at an unlimited framerate with 0 compression and will produce best qaulity.
  9. have you tried upgrading bios to latest for your motherboard? then go through the bios/uefi and set to factory defaults.
  10. i can only hope so. we will find out in like 10 days or so
  11. problem is you wont know when the titan is coming out if ever. so i personally would not sit around waiting for it to come out or wait for news and instead buy 1180 immediately and have as long as possible before another card beats its performance. Thats why i buy on ti series and try to buy immediately. but if you got the cash you do you.
  12. few months most likely because they dont like to cannibalize but titans are expensive and suck in terms of price to performance by the following ti card. gtx Titan - 2.21.13 gtx 780 - 5.23.13 gtx 780ti - 11.7.13 gtx Titan Black - 2.18.14 gtx Titan Z - 4.25.14 gtx 980 - 9.18.14 gtx Titan X (maxwell) - 3.17.15 gtx 980ti - 6.1.15 gtx 1080 - 5.27.16 gtx Titan X (pascal) - 8.2.16 gtx Titan XP - 4.6.17 gtx 1080ti - 3.5.17 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Nvidia_graphics_processing_units
  13. also if you havent sold it yet maybe consider waiting till the end of e3 just in case you NEED to play something. microsofts press conference is in 2 hours lol
  14. i personally have pc, xbox, ps4, switch. PC: Majority of games cuz graphics matter Xbox: xbox exclusives and multiplayer games with friends although im pushing more friends to PC Ps4: ps4 exclusives Switch: exclusives and indie games I feel as though sony's multiplayer environment is trash compared to xbox and their exclusives like uncharted 4, horizon, etc are overrated. I have definately enjoyed god of war though and detroit is amazing in the story department if you can handle the lack of traditional gameplay mechanics. Switch has been one of my favorite consoles of all time because its versatile, Legend of Zelda, mario odyssey and in terms of weaboos, there is a way to get full access to the japanese online store so you should check out their selection. like the others said though in the console dept its all about which exclusives you want to play. Dont wory about graphics cuz all consoles are trash dont listen to anyone who says otherwise. Im refering to people who say God of War was one of the best looking games of all time but it could have been 100 times better on a $500 pc. Also if you do buy a ps4 i suggest buying the ps4 slim because pro is trash and buggy with a good amount of games and original is a terribly designed console.
  15. are you okay buying a gpu that is 300-400 dollars overpriced... new nvidia chips come in july you know. also get windows from kinguin