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  1. holy crap it actually fkn works. so my hdd is toast, thank you all!
  2. I have another working laptop of similar specs lying around. Imma put its boot ssd in the laptop and see what happens. Windows 10 should be smart enough to handle hardware changes. If it works, well there i have my answer and if not, i will try crunchy dragons option to boot another device of the hdd in question.
  3. Just put in in a casing for external hard drive and hooked it up to my pc, re-partioned it (because of the weird linux partitions) and ran a crystaldiskmark test. other than those ridiculous speeds nothing out of the ordinary (yes, the case, cable and usb port are all 3.0)
  4. Allptraum1989

    Why isnt my pc working?

    Ummm... If you ask questions and provite this few informations, i don't think you're qualified to swap a cpu.
  5. Hey, my good ol' laptop refused to boot all of the sudden. (No traumatic events such as spills, drops, etc) It's a toshiba satellite L750. I am quite handy in tech and have already repaired it a few times. (Not a biggie, just a screen and keyboard replacement). Also upgraded it to windows 10. What happens: it boots, windows logo shows, windows loads and blackscreen. Sometimes you can at least move the cursor. Same story on fresh installments of windows 10, 8.1 and 7. Then i tried installing a linux distribution (Kali). Installation went smooth (no hard drive errors or stuff like this). Livemode also works like a charm. (Linux OS without installation) But when i try to boot into my fresh linux installation, boom blackscreen. Could it possibly be a bad motherboard? Probably not worth fixing in that case.
  6. Allptraum1989

    Lock certain app out of specific wifi? [Android 8.1]

    Android is just a destribution of linux after all... I think everything is possible if you root the device. You just have to have the software needed. And if someone has to make a custom rom. On Android nothing is impossible. It's just a matter of practicality
  7. Hey, my schools wifi blocks apps like whatsapp from connecting to the internet. I have to be connected to it though because i have to do a lot of research etc... My mobile data would be gone within two days... Now, it's a bummer that my whatsapp is offline while i'm near the campus. Can i somehow lock whatsapp out of this specific access point and make it use mobile data instead while the rest of the phone is using the access point? Android supports something similar natively, which can lock some apps out of wifi in general. I have a Honor 8x running an unrooted version of Android 8.1. I'd be very happy if i would not have to root it. And yes, i have tried vpns. Non of them have worked because the network blocks them. But this is not what this thread is about. This thread is about making a specific app using mobile data instead of a specific wifi AP
  8. Allptraum1989

    Bypass ip lock in university wifi?

    So my university offers free wifi for everyone (not as straight forward as you might think. You need to connect to a proxy first, then figure out the login credentials etc...) Anyways... They fkin block whatsapps traffic. So my whatsapp is straightout offline as long as i'm near the campus. How can i bypass that? I have an android phone and a hotspot (from wifi) capable windows 10 laptop. Means, it can act as a vpn itself. Until now i have only tried things on my phone: -using some sketchy vpn server from the internet -using vpn software like nordvpn, tunnelbear, hide.me, vpn.ac... None of them could even connect to their own service. I've tried a variety of ports (both udp and tcp). It did not even work in stealth mode. -using tor. Tor could establish a tor normal connection but was not able to load any sites and in vpn mode it did not even get past the setup process because it couldn't connect. All of these services work in my home wifi tho. Please help, i don't know anything other i can try.
  9. Allptraum1989

    Is there some kind of Android Macro Keyboard?

    Sadly this isn't an option for me. I really do not like speaking my messages out loud in public
  10. Until now i've been using SwiftKey. But i have to text one of five never changing sentences to contacts very frequently and all the typing the same sentence over and over again is getting verry annoying. There must be some kind of virtual keyboard with macro keys like most gaming keyboards have. But somehow i can't find one.
  11. Allptraum1989

    Affordable 1440hz high refreshrate screen?

    Mh bummer. But i think this would not work anyways for now... I did some testing and my gpu won't go any higher than 60-80fps in the games i play (at 1440p) anyways... I would have to go down to a 1080p 144hz screen but that would be too drastic considering i am now rocking a 2160p 60hz screen. Anyways... i have planned on upgrading my gpu anyways... guess i'll have to wait then and maybe work a few extra hours so i can jump to the 2080 right away. I currently have a 970 strix oc
  12. Allptraum1989

    What resolution for high refreshrate gaming?

    i really don't care wether i play any better or not. When i overclocked my 4k screen from 60hz to 75hz, i literally felt the glory of the pcmr radiating from my screen. It felt amazing so i can only imagine what 144hz would look like. That's what i care about. Sadly i can't just downscale to 1080p and set the refresh rate to 144hz because my panel does not support this. It is a 60hz panel and won't go any higher than 75hz.
  13. So i want to get into high refreshrate gaming. I have a gtx 970 oc strix. I currently game at 4k @ 60hz. My gpu can't push 144 fps on most titles i play at 1440p so i would have to go all the way down to 1080p. Would this be worth it? Would the high refreshrate make up for the drastic drop in resolution? i mostly play mmorgs, sometimes non-tactical fast-paced shooters. I'd need a pretty large monitor too (27"). Wouldn't this look horrible at 1080p?
  14. Allptraum1989

    Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!

    mostly just a loose ethernet cable because my friend sometimes brings his rig and a cheap router because the wifi is crap in this room. Also a dslr camera just because it looks cool and i have to put it somewhere
  15. Allptraum1989

    Affordable 1440hz high refreshrate screen?

    the Samsung - LC27JG50QQNZA seems to be exactly the thing i need but appearantly it's not available in europe at least not germany. not even listed on amazon