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  1. The title says it all. I have a two gpu's to render on, but i want one installed vertically. Thermaltakes The Tower 900 is really big, but is it big enough for this? Are we big enough?
  2. Might actually be a bit faster. I could imagine they are binned
  3. Ryzen 3 is barely out?! Almost outdated! Amd already announced the 4800U
  4. Then lets say the gpus are in a rig that supports 4x gpu. Sure, I'll just spend 15k on that rig, no biggie.
  5. Both would be in one rig. We render two times First render is set to "gpu only", second one to "cpu only". And of course we set the tile sizes
  6. Hypothetical question: What would render faster in blender cycles? -Four RTX 2080ti with Optix enabled -One Threadripper 3990x Some info: When rendering using optix, blender will actually raytrace on the RTX's hardware RT cores instead of pure software. On my RTX 2070 super, enabling this cut render times in half. Blender can make full use of multiple GPUs. Eg, four RTX 2080ti are four times faster than one RTX 2080ti The TR 3990x has 64 cores | 128 threads @ 2.9ghz base | 4.3ghz boost Lets say we have 3600mhz ram Tile sizes would be respectively 16x16 and 256x256
  7. This is exactly what i meant by an 3x120 aio. 3 120mm fans on an all-in-one. Though i would prefer one with an RGB cpu block
  8. Yeah, plus a fitting MB and powersupply. I am unsure about cooling this absolute oven... Would a 3x120 AIO suffice?
  9. Well, seems like my bank account has to commit sudoku. Nah, but maybe sometime Q3...? Gotta save up
  10. Don't kill me just now, hear me out. I love to work with blender and have to wait long times for renders to finish. Of course, a Threadripper 3970x would be a blast to render on! The problem is that i also love to game... Since threadrippers have a relatively bad single thread performance, they do not perform well in games. Maybe zen2 changed that...? Of course, it won't suddenly multithread the game loop, but maybe it could match other cpus like the 3950x? Could it perform in the neighbourhood of a 3950x for gaming? I obviously still want be able to game...
  11. Thanks, i was unsure because some articles recommended a 2080S if not a 2080ti for the index. Also I know that my 1600x bottlenecked my gpu in witcher, wow & co at about 100fps, while the index runs at 144hz. VR games are probably lighter but then it has to calculate the headsets and controllers positions.