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  1. 140W according to "Core Temp". But only on all-core loads. They may explain the drop to 4.3, right? But when idling it sits at 80, according to "Core Temp". Will check, with ryzen master aswell.
  2. So i just got my hands on a nice 5900x and a fairly good board. (asus b550-f). I installed a beefy aio setup (arctic freezer push-pull with 6 fans as intake) (room temp is really cold where i live). Since i didn't have a sleeved 4pin cpu cable i ONLY connected the 8pin for the cpu. When idling the cpu clocks to goddamn 4.55ghz. Wtf. When gaming it stays at 4.55 ghz, when rendering (100% on all cores) it drops to 4.3 It runs fairly cold at 50-60°C while gaming and 70°C on all-core load. Now i am wondering whether i could push it even higher by
  3. I like to use windows and i like to use linux. I need to switch often. I am sick of having to go to the bios every time i want to switch. I also don't want a boot manager asking me to select a drive every time i want to boot. I want some little switch i can set to either "windows drive | linux drive". Some kind of sata switch if you will. Do you know if such products exist?
  4. They cost basically the same. Margin of about $6. Great! Seems like the tomahawk it is
  5. B550 asus strix $180 vs x570 msi tomahawk wifi $185
  6. So a "high-end" b550 board in price range of $160-175 is better than a low-end $180 x570?
  7. Don't want to cram so much information in the title. Talking about an ASUS ROG Strix B550-F. I'm most concerned about the VRMs. I plan on using a Ryzen 5900x with a slight overclock because it got good cooling. It should still be stable. I've heard that x570 boards are workstation boards. But my rig kinda is a workstation. Sometimes i game, sometimes i do renders in blender, video editing, stuff that really loads the cpu. What do you think? Should i go for this or rather a cheap x570 such as the msi tomahawk?
  8. I know there isn't for gaming, but is there any noticeable difference between booting from a SATA ssd and an nvme (either gen3 or gen4)? I am currently planning on an upgrade including a complete re-install and am contemplating whether or not to get a system nvme with it. I currently boot off a samsung evo 860 2tb (which still takes about a minute)
  9. Very good idea! Side exhaust. Top in, Bottom in, side exhaust. That way i still have fresh air for my cpu!
  10. I see. I thought there was one included. Then i'd mount it vanilla-style. Then i could put in exhaust fans.
  11. Thanks! Sadly, the oc11 has no rear-fan mount. There is plenty space between the gpu fans and the glass. I don't think i can mount bottom fans below the gpu. I think it sits on the fan-mount. I could (most likely) place one to the right of the gpu. I don't have the case yet, hence the uncertainty.
  12. "Hot air rising" vs fans is like a toddler trying to stop a car by blowing on it. I don't want to suck hot air through my AIO radiator and i want my pump below it