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Kipper Klank

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  • Birthday 1997-04-01

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    fk tht sht
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    what was this again?

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    PC, Minecraft, Terraria, workstations are better then gameing rigs period.
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    none yet(fresh outa high school)


  • CPU
    2x Xeon e5606 @2.13 GHz @4 cores each
  • Motherboard
    HP z600
  • RAM
    24 GB ddr3 ecc
  • GPU
    2x Quadro 600
  • Case
  • Storage
    10k 500gb sata
  • PSU
    stock(max 1000 watts)
  • Display(s)
    generic 4:3 1280x1024 (CRT....really.....)
  • Cooling
    stock but nice
  • Keyboard
    Dell with a volume knob...sht idk
  • Mouse
    Microsoft USB/ps2
  • Sound
    generic realtek sound chip
  • Operating System
    win 10

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  1. Well folks, here it is. Make your dream retro computer without the worry of a massive corporation suing you for software nobody has used for over 30 years https://devblogs.microsoft.com/commandline/microsoft-open-sources-gw-basic/ https://github.com/microsoft/GW-BASIC
  2. Yeah I could never get DOOM to have sound minus the sfx from the internal speaker...I gues if you don't have Sound blaster, then oh well, there just needs to be a hardware emulation software like in DosBox to fool the games into thinking the hardware(SB13) is there....That would be nice...All in Fdos of course.
  3. How's the sound? I could never get it to work. Is it through DosBox or running natively as an OS?
  4. Can I build a msDOS or FreeDos rig that can run the software natively, such as sound, with newly manufactured parts that are still in production today? Also not to be rude and just for safety, I didn't ask for an opinion, so don't give it.
  5. What is The most powerful CPU to date. Is it one of the xenon's? I'm not looking for something that is"gameing" just most powerful overall.
  6. okay so I have this old z80 based computer and the clock rate is 7.3 megahertz. I'm trying I'm trying to see if information is being sent and received on the data bus. people have told me to get a logic analyzer but I don't want one of those I'm thinking about getting an oscilloscope because it has much more possibilities than one of those. I found an old analog oscilloscope that's a nice shape and it's fully functional. probably from the late sixties to early seventies with a maximum bandwidth of 15 megahertz which is over the range of the clock rate so it should be readable. would this be a good choice for me to see if information is being sent and received? I'm assuming I would see a square tooth wave in variation? (Aka binary)
  7. One last question, more cores? Or higher clock speed?
  8. True... Do u recommend any Xeons that are an upgrade from 2 e5606 on an LGA 1366. I'm thinking about upgrading. Budget of $90. Can push $100.
  9. No reason in particular. Just mere curiosity.
  10. I have a workstation has 2 sockets for Xeons... But can u do the same with a pair of I7s? My sockets are compatable, but can I dual weild the nasties?
  11. Damn my icons off center..... I guess we're just going to have to deal with it.

  12. Oh yeah. the case is massive I can fit whatever I want in there...;) Also a follow-up question, why would I even need 2 graphics cards if they can't run in SLI or whatever Nvidia's is version is. The only thing I can think of is adding more monitors than necessary.....