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  1. Hot_Swap_Fries

    Best Bang For Buck Racing Wheel?

    Has anyone got any suggestions as to what the best relatively cheap bang for buck racing wheel there is out on the market? I plan on becoming a sim racer and need to get started somewhere but i don't want a shoddy less than 90 degree turning wheel, I need full on 1080 degrees. Any help is appreciated!!
  2. Hot_Swap_Fries

    FCC Live Stream

    He deserves to be seriously hurt because of how he seems to ignore the people who this really effects.
  3. Hot_Swap_Fries

    Classic Windows 10, No Line-In Audio...

    What it's doing now is it's playing my audio, but not through the aux line-in port. It's playing it through my microphone port. It won't play anything when I select listen on the line in port but when i select listen to my microphone, I hear both my microphone AND the music. It shouldn't be like this.
  4. Hot_Swap_Fries

    Classic Windows 10, No Line-In Audio...

    Yes, actually I just finished doing that. Still to no avail.
  5. Hot_Swap_Fries

    Classic Windows 10, No Line-In Audio...

    Yes. Line in. As in plugging my phone into the laptop and having audio pass through. Which it does.
  6. Hot_Swap_Fries

    Classic Windows 10, No Line-In Audio...

    I've got yet another software issue. The line in on my laptop used to work perfectly, but now it just fails to work. It's always silent. Levels are high as can go, unmuted, "Listen to this device" has been enabled, and yet still nothing. And this all happened after, you guessed it, an update. Any help? I can't restore my PC so I'm boned there.
  7. Hot_Swap_Fries

    FCC Unveils Plan To Repeal Net Neutrality Rules

    So, here's where I stand on the internet. I want to pay for internet access, and use it to do whatever I want, including Steam, Twitch, LTT.com, and of course, PornHub. I don't want to be restricted to just a certain package of websites that I have to pay for, and have the rest be throttled or not even work at all. Does this mean I support net neutrality or oppose it?
  8. I had this idea of taking a character from a game, like a custom made player character, and exporting it somewhere and having it actually 3D PRINTED, and have it set on my desk or something. However, for one, I don't know if this is possible. Second, aren't there copyright laws that prevent this from being done? I hope this is possible, I'd kill to have Skyrim figures custom made!
  9. Hot_Swap_Fries

    Justin Kuritzkes YouTube Faces

    This Justin Kuritzkes guy I noticed on YouTube is absolutely hilarious. I would like to know what program he used to get these faces, and if I can get it on Windows because I need a way to pass time and, well, I'm very easily entertained.
  10. I just watched the finale of 16k gaming on YouTube, and I'm still confused. How does four 4k monitors equal 8k, and sixteen 4k monitors equal 16k?
  11. Hot_Swap_Fries

    Is the Oculus Rift worth it?

    I've got a gaming laptop running a 980m with 8gb of vram, 4710mq with turboboost, and 16gb of ram. I'm thinking of buying an Oculus for vr, but is it worth it? Regardless of my specs or with, your choice.
  12. Hot_Swap_Fries

    Question: Hiding PART of a layer in Photoshop CS6?

    This will look weird, but this is what I'm talking about. Say I want to move the sombrero behind her, but still keep the parts that are not covered by her visible, but the rest is hidden. How would I go about doing this?
  13. So I'm making an image for a friend and I need to add a mustache to someone, but their finger is in the way of their upper lip. How would I go about adding the mustache in the right spot, then running a tool or something over it to remove ONLY the parts that is being covered?
  14. Hot_Swap_Fries

    3D Printer model making?

    In Linus's homemade router video, he mentioned that Taran modeled a shroud for the cooling. What program did he use, and how much money do I need to shell out for said program?
  15. Hot_Swap_Fries

    FSX Tie Downs and Wheel Chocks?

    In FSX, are there any freeware/payware mods that allow you to put wheel chocks and tie downs on, say, the default C172? Need some more realism!