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  1. yes its on windowed borderless
  2. So ever since I bought GTA V back in september 2019, I've had a very specific issue with it that I've never heard anyone else having. Whenever I alt tab out of the game, open up Discord overlay, or otherwise do something that makes GTA V not the active window, the game breaks. When I tab back into the game I can no longer do anything. The window isn't unresponsive, but what happens is my character just stands there and the game does not register any of my inputs. I can't even pause or Alt+F4. This issue has been the bane of my existence for months and I'd love some wizard out there to please help me fix this.
  3. I've been having issues with my K55 RGB. The lights on it are half working. Whenever I plug the keyboard into a different USB port or restart my PC, the lights will turn back on for a while, but then they just shut off and refuse to work again. I don't know how this could have happened, but I suspect it might be because the keyboard was not used for about 5 months straight and there may be damage to it from when I wasn't using it. Any help is appreciated. also btw everything else on the keyboard works fine besides the backlights. I can still type and whatnot.
  4. So I have a 1tb HDD with Win10 on it and I want to move JUST windows to my smaller 250gb SSD without fresh installing and wiping both my drives. Is there any way I could do this?
  5. So I recently ordered an NZXT H500i, and I am moving all my parts from my old case into it. However, I am having trouble. The case fan/RGB control hub has a PWM cable coming from it, which I assume would go into my mobo. However, I can't seem to find a single PWM connector spot on my mobo (MSI X370 Gaming Plus) or my PSU (Corsair CX450M). Any help is appreciated, I'm a bit frustrated rn.
  6. At this point I am throwing in the towel. I've nearly broke the fan, i've made a mess of the thermal paste, and i have wasted 2 hours of my life. Just gonna take it into my local pc shop soon and have them do the dirty work.
  7. I can't take off my back side panel. I am using a silverstone GD01 case, which is meant to be laid down lengthwise. No way to see the back of the mobo short of removing it.
  8. That's what i've been doing. Not even one screw will go down slightly. This is easily the worst designed cooler i've ever had the displeasure of installing.
  9. Bought a new ryzen 2600X, currently trying to install the wraith spire cooler. Cannot get the screws down for the life of me. I am literally pulling my hair out over thism they refuse to budge an inch, no matter how lightly or hard i screw on them. The only thing i have succeeded in doing is break off the decorative plastic top of the cooler. Somebody please help before i jump into oncoming traffic.
  10. Someone just shoot me, all i am doing is dragging thermal paste around on my cpu
  11. ARGH mevermind more issues. Trying to install my wraith spire cooler and i cannot get the screw to go down. What is with these? They are horribly designed.
  12. Never mind everyone, got the heatsink off! Just took a little more pulling than i thought. Thanks for the help though!
  13. It feels completely solid I tried doing that with a tiny flathead screwdriver but i have yet to find anything that can get under. The heatsink and fan sit super low on the mobo.
  14. That's the thing, I don't recall what kind I used, if i used any at all. I think I just slapped the fan and cpu into it straight out of the box. I haven't touched the CPU/heatsink assembly except for dustbusting since I got it a year ago
  15. Yes, I did. No dice. Didnt wanna twist it too far and eff my processor and mobo Can't, my heatsink sits too low. I cant even fit a qtip in there Already tried that unfortunately
  16. Couple pics of the inside of my case, if they help
  17. So I bought a new ryzen 2600X, and i'm currently trying to install it. However, my old CPU heatsink and fan won't come off. I unscrewed the fan screws, wont come off. I even tried stress testing to heat up the thermal paste but no dice. Help anyone?
  18. I rarely update my BIOS because I'm lazy and because I have awful memory smh
  19. So I am currently using a Ryzen 3 1200 on an MSI X370 gaming plus mobo and I am looking to upgrade. Looking on amazon, the 2600 is not only cheaper than a 1600X, but is just as fast. I am wondering if my current mobo is compatible with the 2000 series chipset as is, if it would simply need a BIOS update, or if I would need an entire new mobo as well? Also, if it needs a BIOS update what are the risks? I have never updated my mobo BIOS and i've heard some horror stories about it.
  20. yeah i just sent in a support request. hopefully i can get a timely response
  21. I repaired then reinstalled already. still nada. starting from the exe did nothing as well