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  1. Haha probably, doesn't mean I won't be dreaming Linus actually watched one of my videos.
  2. The thing is it's also the use of when an app loads up as opposed to simply when it turns on as well as the emphasis on usability at a certain point. Also the user upgrade able part. I understand that these are all reasonable things a video on this should mention but it's like, idk, it's probably just because I'm so close to it :'D
  3. Damn it, figured it wasn't allowed.
  4. Don't judge the quality I've gotten MUCH better haha
  5. Hey I know this is an old post/video now but there's like some crazy similarities between this video and one admittedly crapper one I made a year ago. Like it's almost word for word shot for shot sometimes. Not sure if I'm aloud to post the link, if someone could clarify I'd love to link it and see if I'm just tripping out. Thanks guys.