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  1. nootnoot1277

    HDD causing low FPS *Project TrasHP*

    Does anyone on this site actually read posts fully? I thought i made it quite clear how i made that jump to HDD issues. I use MSI afterburner CPU temps are higher than id like but within throttling restrictions besides i built this thing from scrap it doesnt even have a side panel do you really believe im not gonna notice a fan failure? Sorry i sound like a dick i know that but i am tired of being talked down to on these sorta sites. I know what im doing im simply asking if anyone has had experiences with slower drives affecting FPS which i remember reading about years ago along with slow HDD's causing slow loading textures. Yes CPU usage is very high which is understandable its an OLD CPU but it is younger and more powerful than the Q6600 that is outpeforming it along with all the i5 750 benchmarks ive seen in the exact same game. As for settings like i said quite clearly settings do not effect the FPS like it would in a normal bottleneck where higher gpu intensive settings would normally equal higher FPS. The res is 1080p however that doesnt matter the GPU is not being utilized which yes it is a legacy driver card but that should not be the problem here as i have seen the same card running the game fine in benchmarks. ALL OF THIS is how i got to HDD issues but i didnt want to make my post any longer thus the reason why i didnt go into every single detail.
  2. nootnoot1277

    HDD causing low FPS *Project TrasHP*

    Actually yes it is when the worlds loading because i forgot. In GTA and only in gta so far, the world doesnt load fast enough sometimes, like really low res textures or none at all. I just sont see how the Q6600 was running it better and how my i5 750 is peforming so poorly conpared to others
  3. nootnoot1277

    HDD causing low FPS *Project TrasHP*

    Actually yes it is when the worlds loading because i forgot. In GTA and only in gta so far, the world doesnt load fast enough sometimes, like really low res textures or none at all. I just sont see how the Q6600 was running it better and how my i5 750 is peforming so poorly conpared to others
  4. nootnoot1277

    HDD causing low FPS *Project TrasHP*

    im not that stupid obviously 4gb wouldnt be enough but im not running 4gb... i suggest re-reading my post.
  5. *WARNING THIS PC IS PURELY A PROJECT DO NOT SUGGEST "UPGRADE TO A NEW PLATFORM" YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME AND MINE* Mk G'day guys sorry for the long back story but its somewhat important. i recently started a project i call the "TrasHP". The TrasHP was originally a HP of some form i found beaten in and not posting at the local transfer station. I took it home messed around with the Ram and got it posting with its i3 540 and 4gb of ram. afterwards i found an old dead mobo also at the same place with an i5 750 that shockingly posted despite being very faded along with 10gb of mismatch ram. After that all it needed was a GPU, so i turned to Gumtree and got a $20 (AUD) HD 6870 ref model and used it in pair with the old 475w Dell PSU originally out of my main rig. Now that's all well n good and the PC runs like a champ with the 6870 overclocked 950mhz on core and 1150mhz on memory BUT there's a problem, i'm getting FPS lower than i should in some games for instance GTA V, Spintires and CSGO especially which ive seen seperate benchmarks on youtube of both the 6870 and the i5 750 in CSGO and in both tests they were capable of keeping a playable and quite nice fps but with my pairing they struggle to keep 60fps without stutter. As for GTA V well my other project pc which had a Q6600@2.9GHZ/GTX550ti combo it ran GTA V rather well along with Spin Tires. Now specifically in GTA V the CPU usage is basically always at 99%-100% load which ok yeah its an old CPU that makes sense BUT i5 750 is a stronger CHIP than the Q6600 no question about it so it should run better and it doesn't seem like its an ordinary CPU bottleneck as changing settings to try and put load on the GPU (to test for bottlenecks) does nothing to effect the FPS so my thought is HDD. Now for a HDD i took the first HDD i saw on my shelf which was a WD Green 2TB which i do not deny is a shit drive, WD Green's always have been but i thought bugger it that should do its only temporary and the system is decently responsive in ordinary tasks but i feel like that's whats causing the high CPU usage in games some how, maybes it's me mis-remembering but I'm sure i read a few years back that slow drives can cause higher CPU usage some how. So after all that, any idea's? Cheers Guys
  6. nootnoot1277

    X58 CPU Comparison (X58 Owners Please)

    No problem friend, was no trouble at all. Yep thats with all cores and threads enabled @ 3.99GHz
  7. nootnoot1277

    X58 CPU Comparison (X58 Owners Please)

    After 10 runs in Intel Burn Test: This is with 2 120mm fans on the Gammaxx 400 in a case with pretty poor airflow.
  8. nootnoot1277

    X58 CPU Comparison (X58 Owners Please)

    ive got a Gammaxx 400 on my W3680 @3.99ghz and its working great. really only hits 70c when its being properly stressed and that's a cheap air cooler so a good quality air cooler should keep you quite low in the temps with your OC
  9. nootnoot1277

    Best Linux for Emulation

    Lakka is useless its basically just a shit version of RecalBox and neither have Playstation 2 or 3 support which is the entire point of this thread. I dont want a desktop i want it to load straight into an emulator.
  10. hey guys So ive got a Dell Optiplex 740 SFF (slightly bigger than an Xbox 360) which i pulled the HDD out of and added an SD card with RecalBox on it AND it works fantastically i have had some issues here and there with PSX and PSP games but that was just down to shitty default settings in RecalBox. Anyway some amount of gaming later and i now want to continue the series ive been playing (Jak And Daxter) but the issue is the next game (actually its the previous ive been playing the PSP game) is only on PS2 and RecalBox for whatever reason doesnt support it yet even though it supports PSP (logic) and i cant find any OS like it with PS2 emulator support since RetroPie 3 refuses to boot SO my idea was to install some version of linux on another SD card and so the only thing you have to do is switch the SD cards over to switch consoles. Anyway what i want to do is Install Linux and install PCSX2 on it and somehow set it to start automatically as soon as the OS loads which i know how to do on windows but ive no idea on Linux as if im honest ive never been a big fan of it i would never consider using it for modern gaming but for emulation i think its exactly what i need for emulating. SO in short if someone could recommend a lightweight small version of Linux for this particularly application i have mentioned that would be great. Cheers guys
  11. nootnoot1277

    X58 CPU Comparison (X58 Owners Please)

    im running 6x2GB 1066's in Triple Channel.
  12. nootnoot1277

    X58 CPU Comparison (X58 Owners Please)

    i see what you mean. well i went ahead and bumped up the TDC to 120 which i hadnt touched before and left the TDP at 190 where i had it yesterday and i got a score of 890 so definitely and improvement. there was no throttling and all cores stayed at a multiplier of 30
  13. nootnoot1277

    X58 CPU Comparison (X58 Owners Please)

    it works perfectly thankyou for that extra information. i couldnt get it to work at first but it turns out i had just missed the really obvious 'TURN ON' button with all multipliers set to 30 i got a Cinebench score of 867 putting it ahead of an i7 4770k which i am quite happy with
  14. nootnoot1277

    X58 CPU Comparison (X58 Owners Please)

    hey just thought i'd let you know My W3680 arrived and its a killer peformer (atleast in BF1 so far it is haha) i got a nice Gammaxx 400 which for the price actually keeps it really cool with a push pull config. Anyway ive ran into a bit of an issue, out of sheer curiosity i wanted to use throttlestop to bump up my multiplier and see how i could improve my cinebench score after seeing yours score in the 900's. well the issue is in throttlestop i can only change the multiplier from 25 up to 26T (3.4ghz roughly) which to me isnt a big difference to me which was disappointing and i cant find out how to get it any higher. ideally id like to hit 4ghz but this is sort of holding me back.
  15. nootnoot1277

    Gammaxx 400 enough for X58?

    I FOUND ONE!!! lol i found the DeepCool Gammaxx GT TUF which is rated for 150w tdp and is 2.5cm shorter than the hyper 212 plus which i found a guy that put a hyper 212 in this exact same pc and it apparently JUST fits: