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  1. Fharbator

    low budget pc build give me tips :)

    Not actually giving any tips, but 1600 bucks isnt exactly low budget. I would say low budget would be at around 500 bucks
  2. Fharbator

    Enough watts to oc?

    Hey, I wanted to oc both my cpu and gpu but am not sure if I should. My specs are: MSI Pro VDH Plus Ryzen 5 2600 AMD boxed cooler 16GB G Skill Ram KFA2 GTX 1660 6GB be quiet Pure Power 11 400W Is the PSU enough to oc and if yes what voltage / clock speed should I target? Thanks in advance to all replies
  3. Fharbator

    Dark Rock Pro 3 enough for OC?

    Hey guys, like I said in the title: Is a be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 enough to overclock an 7700K on like 4.8-5GHz?
  4. You already did a post on this in which you said you play GTA V and there you got the answer that a 1080 Ti is just overkill for 1080p 60hz gaming. This is true why do you need another post on this
  5. Fharbator

    What do you think?

    Hey Guys, I wanted to ask what you think of this ITX build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/yKzkRG? Are there any incompatibilities? And yes, it´s supposed to be just the ssd i don´t need much storage
  6. Fharbator

    What Cooler should I get?

    Hey Guys, I Need a good cooler. Here´s my Build: I5-7600K Asus Prime Z270-A 16 GB G.Skill Ripjaws V Asus Strix 1070 OC CoolerMaster MasterCase Pro 5 So I ´would like to overclock to 4,8GHz or so, so I thought about getting a AIO like the NZXT Kraken X62, but I often read that it´s not worth it. Also I thought about the be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3, but I don´t know if it fits into the case and does´t block the Ram or a PCIe Slot or something.
  7. Fharbator

    Which Mobo should i get?

    No I didn´t buy my CPU yet. But it´s gonna be an I5 7600K if not something of Ryzen
  8. Fharbator

    Which Mobo should i get?

    Oh, I thought for Kaby Lake you need a Z270 Chipset. But I´m a bit of a noob in tech. It´s gonna be my first build
  9. Fharbator

    Which Mobo should i get?

    100 - 170 USD
  10. Hey guys, so I need a Z270 Motherboard, which supports overclocking and 3200MHz Ram. Also I need an M.2 Slot. I would prefer Asus boards, because I use an Asus Video Card and Peripherials, so I benefit of Asus Aura. I thought of the Maximus IX Hero, but it`s a bit expensive. So if you have any suggestions feel free to write them
  11. Fharbator

    Maximus IX Hero vs Strix Z270E

    Do you have any suggestions for a cheaper board?
  12. Hey Guys, I wanted to know if there are any big differences between the Maximus IX Hero and the Strix Z270E. As a CPU I chose the I5 7600K. I`m planning on overclocking and also I´m using Ram with a latency of 3200MHz. I Need an M.2 slot too. So do both Motherboards support those Things that I listed? Or are there completly different Motherboards that I could go with?
  13. Hey Guys, I just wanted to ask what I can improve on this build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/TGMzWX It´s my first build so don´t expect too much.