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  • CPU
    two x5675 / I7 5820k
  • Motherboard
    Z600 / X99-Deluxe Asus
  • RAM
    48GB DDR3 ECC / 32GB DDR4
  • GPU
    / RX 480 Red Devil
  • Case
    Z600 / NZXT...
  • PSU
    Z600 / RM850i

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  1. Should be no concern, a minimal airflow will keep it cool under normal usage conditions.
  2. Hi You need to power up the SATA power connector, it's for the RGB controller. The 4Pin connectors are the RGB and you have not to connect them anywhere, the 3 Pin connectors have to go into your FAN header on the Motherboard. I have the same case and once it's working it's realy nice.
  3. Swiip


    I use 8 WD RE4 in my server, they are now branded als WD gold. But for a NAS i would recommend WD Red, the Red Pro and Gold are spinning somehow faster or longer but i don't know what exacly, maybe they ramp up faster or stay longer on full speed when idle. ( does anyone knows what exacly they are doing different? )
  4. Yep, as said bevor, the 2600k runs also newer grafik cards whitout bottleneck. ( not a 1080 probably)
  5. Yes the fans are going to fail quiet soon in 24/7 operation. Can you increase the airflow in the case? Whit cooler air the fans are spinning slower and hold much longer. A bigger gab between them also helps a bit. Make a picture of your setup, that we can see how it looks maybe there is something to optimise.
  6. I use my preinstalled fans from coolermaster. https://www.amazon.com/Cooler-Master-MasterFan-Pressure-Radiators/dp/B01K0G36QI/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1514369500&sr=1-3&keywords=cooler+master+fan+140 Maybe there is something in your airflow that can be optimised, just post a picture how it looks if you want.
  7. For Freenas it's recommended to have 1GB RAM per TB HDD. And as Nelizmastr says ECC RAM would be nice, but check the compability whit CPU & mainboard. For playing around i can also recommend to buy a old microserver.
  8. it's realy hard downclocked, the real model would have a boost clock of 3.5ghz. its a ES from an E5-2690 v3. I cool it whit an 1x120mm AIO radiator, whitout a fan mounted on it, only the case air from 1x60mm and 1x 80mm fan go through it. i think it was 50w whitout boost, and by 2.7 ~65w.
  9. Can you make a picture? The mainboard has 4 RGB connectors, 3 on the bottom and one on the top right.
  10. hmm, i would just keept it like this, and check the temperatures again in the summer. i dont think they gona be a problem as long as you not overclock. Maybe it gets a little louder.
  11. There are realy cheap proliant microserver g7 on ebay, they are not the fastest, but have 4 bays. The bigger version would be something like a DL180 G6, but they are loud.
  12. hmm, if you have enought front fans, you could maybe remove the rear exaust fan. I had a system running like this for 4 years, if you have lots of intake, the air goes out anyway ( but i used a rear exaust graka). Do you use a rear exaust grafik card, or does it heat up the air inside?
  13. That's my low power ES Xeon, only uses a max of ~50watt and is limited to 2.7ghz.
  14. You need some ddr4 Ram, a power supply, a pc case, heatsink , hdds and a grafik card. so you miss quite a lot of parts. If you have not a lot of experience & money, it may be better to buy an old NAS or storage server from ebay. Something like an proliant microserver, they are nice to set up Freenas. I run a DL180 g7 with Freenas, it's easy to install if you follow the instalation guid.