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  1. I usually share the same concern. However, fans lifespans are usually very long. In ten years I've had 4 cards (590, 780 ti, 1080 ti and now a 3080), all of which were operating close to or at max fan speed while gaming, I never had any of them die. Just be aware that if you're mining 24/7, than that's a lot more time of it's life time you're consuming, so to speak. It is usually said: "It won't be a problem until the card itself becomes obsolete/is not being used anymore".
  2. I can appreciate that approach. I'm not the type to risk anything unless I'm certain it will work. I didn't know if this board could handle the extended power limit on the flashed bios, for example, and only after extensively researching it I pulled the triggered, and it was worth it. This kind of niche information, however, is very hard to come by. I don't expect leaving this post with a definitive answer, unfortunately.
  3. The risky thing for me is that this particular model doesn't have a dual bios. I have flashed this card and others before so I'm not too concerned when it comes to flashing itself, I'm concerned about this version not being compatible. I don't want to end up with an expensive brick lol.
  4. I flashed my cards vbios before since it had disappointing clock speeds with it's original one. It's an Eagle OC version (340W) flashed to a Gaming OC (370W). However, with the new rebar BIOS, you apparently have to check for "F versions" on the bioses name.The original one that came with the card was F1, but the one that I've been using is F20. If I flash it to the new version of the Gaming OC one (which is F20, therefore, the new BIOS would be F22 according to Gigabyte), is there any chance it can go wrong? I can't find information regarding the importance of this particular classification.
  5. Yep, I know. Still, it was disabled by default for some reason on my previous installation.
  6. What made it worse for me was that I didn't have any restore points, since somehow the feature was disabled. Thankfully I always have important data backed up.
  7. Funny. After the last update a few days ago I had to wipe out my ssd through the bios and reinstall windows because of the srttrail issue. Nothing recommended fixed it. Thanks Microsoft for wasting my time!
  8. Exactly. I have a decent amount of USB devices always plugged in and haven't had any problems with my system (AGESA Would be interesting to see if others here have stumbled upon any of these issues.
  9. Thanks for the help! I'm not sure if there's any difference between the two models fans, but I do think they're indeed the same. Maybe it was supposed to ramp up to 3000 rpm, other eagle owners could tell how theirs run with the stock bios. I'm not particularly worried about the lifespan of the fans since I doubt that would become an issue any time soon at all, I'm only worried if they're being pushed beyond what they're rated for, since that could potentially cause premature failure. I plan on keeping them at full speed since the memory reaches 100C at lower rpms. That is my primary concern.
  10. Title sums it up fairly well. After finally having the courage to flash it, my 3080s fans went from a maximum of 2500 rpm to 3000. It's a gigabyte eagle oc, flashed to gaming oc. The bump in power limit allowed for better clocks, and the core temperatures are fine. However, does anyone know if it's damaging to run it at the new rpm limit? The reason why I'm considering taking advantage of this is because it does cool down the memory by 6C, which is substantial. I did not apply any thermal pads between the back of the card and the backplate, but I plan on doing so in the future.
  11. So, weird conclusion: after my new parts arrived, it now boosts higher. Don't know why, I can't make sense out of it, maybe something was up with the pci e on my old board? Anyways, it's now boosting higher into the mid 1900s. Thanks for the help though!
  12. I could join the dark side and sell it for more than I bought, and I have no doubt it would sell fast lol. But I went through the trouble and it's still a 3080, so... Yeah, I'll probably keep it.
  13. @Mark Kaine I mean, the vision does look pretty cool to me. The eagle so far disappoints a bit, but it's not the end of the world. Honestly, it specially bothers me since I transitioned from a strix 1080 Ti, and that card is legendary and overclocks really well. Going from the "best" to a "merely acceptable" one leaves a bitter taste.
  14. Max fans, since it doesn't bother me much. Remember, I can't change anything other than memory clocks, that's what's bothering me lol As said, I would've happily invested a bit more for, say, a strix one. But the current market being what it is, I got lucky and got a decent price in my country for this one, and it was pretty much the only one available.