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  1. Im bout to buy a decent headset but for now I have a pretty crappy one. I want to maximize the sound quality on my headset for the mean time. I discovered that you can improve the audio dramatically by turning on enhancements and using "2 channel 24 bit 192000 hz studio quality" from my my default "2 channel 16 bit 48000 hz". I also saw the option to add spatial sound using Windows sonic. It also improved the audio in a different way as "2 channel 24 bit 192000 hz". I wish I can enable them both for superior sound but i cant, If I turn on Windows sonic surround the frequency reverts back to my default. I wonder if theres a way to force it both to work together...
  2. You just gotta believe
  3. the "Activate WIndows" watermark in the corner for unactivated windows
  4. I noticed that the watermark is non existent when playing games on Fullscreen which is nice but its still there when watching videos. Is there a workaround so that the watermark also wont appear when watching videos on fullscreen???
  5. my graphics card is factory overclocked. i dont have an overclockable cpu
  6. I reinstalled windows on another hard drive we have lying around, (I tested it on HDTUNE first and got no bad sectors ) DX11 still crashes and DX9 is playable for the first 30 mins then the game crashes with no warnings and the pc shuts down without BSOD nor restarts. I dunno what to do now
  7. Breaking News : I jsut rescan an hour ago and there an additional 1 more red square in HD TUNE
  8. Health Status : ok But when i ran error scan, i saw 3 red squares. Is that normal?
  9. For the past month, ive been getting alot of game crash and a notification always pops up and says "Restart ur pc to repair drive C:" I bought this hard drive refurbished from a retailer and was working fine till last month. Will buying a new hard drive solve all my game crash??????????
  10. Bad News! Its already sold! 1 hr after it got posted!
  11. MSI Rx 460 2gb
  12. tnx for the info dude!
  13. MSI Rx 460 2gb
  14. Guys I cant find a verified BIOS for that card in techpowerup, only unverified ones! Maybe he already tried flashing the unverified one maybe its unfixable!
  15. Will integrated graphics work if the dedicated card is broken? coz i only have slot for 1 PCIE