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  1. Is it possible to make my pc produce Music audio only on the speakers and Game audio only headphones? I want to clutch but still enjoy music
  2. Pcie 1x to 16x rising not working.

    UPDATE Just bought another riser this time worked the first try I think my previous riser got loose, the pcie card dangles a bit when i put in in the pcie but the new one is tight no dangle
  3. Pcie 1x to 16x rising not working.

    I dunno how to turn on 4g decoding on, i have a ecs h110m c3d board. In device manager, its not being detected
  4. Pcie 1x to 16x rising not working.

    Is it possible that i f*ed the drivers? I remember that the thing got it to work is when windows automatically downloaded the driver
  5. Pcie 1x to 16x rising not working.

    Why would it work 1 second and stop working the next. Life is strange
  6. Is Monoprice retro worth it for this price?

  7. Pcie 1x to 16x rising not working.

    I have 2 cards, a gtx 1060 6gb ang 960 4gb. Both of them works perfectly when directly installed in the pcie slot. Both cards dont work on 1x to 16x riser and yea it accepts supplemental power thru 6pin to sata connector. The gpu fan even spins when i boot it, just no image. I havent change anything on the Bios, but then again it worked before even without tweaking anything. Could it be i broke it, i dropped the riser about 1.5 foot before it stopped working
  8. Just to be clear i already managed to make it work before during testing stage but when i rebooted its not working again and i dont know how to make it work again
  9. Is Monoprice retro worth it for this price?

    Even tho its three times the price here in my country???
  10. Is Monoprice retro worth it for this price?

    People recommended me the MONOPRICE Retros for bang for buck cheap headphones however in my country it is $90. Is it still worth buying for that price? The other choice for me is the superlux 681 evo for $50
  11. Does 100mhz make a difference?

    G4560 and g4600 is 4 threads
  12. I just got a nice deal on a 1060 6gb last week *FIRE* but my G4400 is holding it back, my only budget left for upgrade is for a G4560 but I heard it still bottleneck the 1060 for a little bit. Then i saw G4600 100mhz higher than G4560 for only 8$ more. Will the G4600's slightly higher clock help alleviate bottllenecking???
  13. Good $50 "Bassy" headphones for Movies?

    I found it in amazon nc, i think its free shipping to philppines too! https://www.amazon.com/Monoprice-Modern-Retro-Headphones-116150/dp/B01M7Z0VKR/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1520157808&sr=8-3&keywords=Modern+Retro+Over+Ear+Headphones
  14. Good $50 "Bassy" headphones for Movies?

    its been a week now and its still out of stock??? whats going on
  15. My monitor keeps blacking out with speakers plugged in!

    Hopefully Its probably just the monitor, got this one for cheap ($40 1080p60hz TN) coz we just moved to a new house and the problem still persits and probably the hdmi/cable too...