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  1. Best $50 Air Cooler

    Nope, you cant find it anywhere online anyways. Ill just describe it, 1x90mm fan mount at the back and thats it Its definitely not a slim oem dell case tho I can assure you, Its pretty phat EDIT: This case runs pretty hot so I removed the side panel so I woudnt worry about restrictions
  2. Does Va has the deepest black?7

    When it comes to deep blacks, is it true that VA has deeper black than IPS. Also, does IPS have deeper blacks than TN?
  3. Recommended monitor MS?

    whats the highest MS you will go for 60hz panel? also, Ive seen some 1 ms 60hz panel, but arent 60hz panels stuck 16.6 ms? or will getting higher fps on the 60hz panel exceed the 16.6ms?
  4. Locked i7 vs unlocked i5?

    i mean the locked i7 8700. the one with no overcloking
  5. Locked i7 vs unlocked i5?

    my bad, for gaming only. also i7 8700 vs i5 8600k? (your the same guy on my other post lol, im just asking this out of curiosity)
  6. Is the i7 7700 worth it?

    60hz monitor, gtx 1060 6gb. I mostly play esports games but planning to buy some singleplayer AAA games
  7. Locked i7 vs unlocked i5?

  8. Which is faster and better value?
  9. If I have an i5 6500 with h110 board, will uograding to a locked i7 7700 signifincantly increase performance? And is it worth it?
  10. Best $50 Air Cooler

    USD. I have shit case 😀 its comparable to the cheap rosewill case but withiut the front fan. I have generic ddr3 2x4gb 1333
  11. Best $50 Air Cooler

    Ok maybe not 4ghz. But ive seen people overclocking x3440/x3470 at around 3.8ghz with an even cheaper cooler like hyper 212 evo. It was running 80c at max load tho.
  12. Best $50 Air Cooler

    Gonna be overclocking x3440 to 3.8-4ghz
  13. My pc keeps on shocking me

    I die of eloctrocution everytime I touch metal part of the case. Its currently plugged in on a surge protector with 3prongs all plugged in the extension cord but the surge protector itself is only a 2prong old style flat head plugs on the wall. I even shocked myself while my phone is connected via usb at the back. Im kinda scared to use my phone now while charging at any outlet!
  14. The Witcher 1 DLC worth playing

    Im on a road to Witcher 3 and just finished Witcher 1. Are the DLC even worth playing? Are they canon or just waste of time? PS: I was bored at this game overall. Only liked the first and last few minutes of gameplay.
  15. good used CPU for overclcoking?

    Ihave a ECS H110M C3D mobo which uses DDR3.