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  1. What mining software gives fast payout?

    The fee from switching to Php wallet (my country's currency) and back to Bitcoin Wallet is suprisingly cheap.
  2. $500 Gpu Gaming/Mining

    I believe rx 480 is slightly more profitable than gtx 1060 6gb so is 2x rx 480 better or is it wiser to buy 1 rx 480 and 1 gtx 1060 6gb so I can choose which gpu to use depending on the game?
  3. $500 Gpu Gaming/Mining

    I want to buy a Gpu for gaming/mining, mining is slightly priority. My budget is $500. Is it better to buy a single 1070/vega 56 or dual Rx 480/1060 6gb. Note: I am not gonna crossfire as my mobo dont support it but I can mine with one Gpu running 24/7 and the other for gaming/mining. Which is more profitable?
  4. What mining software gives fast payout?

    i want to safeguard it while the price drops and put it back to normal bitcoin wallet again when it starts to climb, its more efficient
  5. How to improve Dremel?

    I just bought a cheapo dremel, it says 16000rpm. It takes too long to cut my case... It takes a minute to penetrate the case and really slow for cutting... is the 16000rpm to slow or can I buy better cutting disc to improve this? Im new to dremel sorry...
  6. What mining software gives fast payout?

    That wont fix my prob plus my card is already oc, I need 0.0005 btc asap before nov 15. Maybe other miners give faster payouts? What coin are you mining btw?
  7. What mining software gives fast payout?

    Im not mining bitcoin, im using nicehash which mines altcoins and immediately converts it to bitcoins.
  8. This is gonna be long so I added a Tldr at the bottom 🤗 I just moved to nicehash wallet cause nicehash miner gives faster payout there(0.001 compared to 0.005 external wallet). However my old wallet has this feature called "Peso Wallet" if you move youre bitcoins there, they wont get affected by price drops/rise of bitcoin. So I need to move my bitcoins from Nicehash wallet to my old wallet ASAP cause I think there is going to be a major price drop of BTC in Nov 14-20 (based on previous price drops in the past, it usually happens around that time, look it up) which usually indicates that a major price hike is gonna come afterwards... Heres the thing... After one week of mining I earned 0.001 BTC but Nicehash Wallet requires atleast 0.0015!😡 I literally just need 0.0005 BTC more to move it to my old wallet😬 Its gonna take a while to mine 0.001 btc again and Im afraid I might not reach the BTC price drop... TLDR Maybe there are other miners which gives faster payouts I only need 0.0005 btc equivalent... Recommend me some fast payout miners, doesnt matter what coin it mines, ill just use Shapeshift...
  9. Is i5 6500 to i7 7700 worrh it?

    I have a h110 board and Im not sure if ill its worth to upgrad to a 7700 or just upgrade my whole system and buy an i5 8600k with a zboard/ Amd equivalent... bTw, I currently have a 960 but planning on upgrading it along with my cpu
  10. Is a locked i7 worth it a worthy upgrade for mainly gaming?
  11. whats a good ASIC miner right now??? Is it better than GPU mining?
  12. Cheap case with handles?

    I cant find any black version but I found these: Which would you go for?
  13. Cheap case with handles?

    Which do you think is best looking???
  14. Cheap case with handles?

    Obviously they are built not to bend... wtf?
  15. Cheap case with handles?

    Woudnt it bend the case?