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    Herts, England
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    Scuba, new tech, judge Judy :-), motorbikes
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    Linux Tech (not linus tech)
  1. Leglessmatt

    Stick vesa mount to wall

    good tips guys - you call almost say...tech tips...>.< the drill comes out tomorrow. cheers, Matt
  2. Leglessmatt

    Stick vesa mount to wall

    Hi All, I've just brought a sexy new 27inch Dell u2715h 1440p monitor, but would like to wall mount it rarther than use the stand. Has anyone ever considered using thick 3M double sided tape (or the foam pads) or anthing similar to hold a monitor to a wall as Im technically not allowed to drill into the wall for a vesa mount. Industrial strength velcro perhaps? Maybe Im mad. Cheers, Matt
  3. Leglessmatt

    Sticking stuff to oak desk

    found these - should do the job http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00CYJ82NM?redirect=true&ref_=s9_im_co_g21_i6
  4. Leglessmatt

    Sticking stuff to oak desk

    i own it but im just a weirdo ;-D
  5. Leglessmatt

    Sticking stuff to oak desk

    cheers! thinking that may strip the desk..will give it a go on the back that doesnt show.
  6. Leglessmatt

    Sticking stuff to oak desk

    cheeeeeers! he uses it, must be good >.<
  7. Soooo, I have an oak desk and am looking for something to stick down phone, iphone dock etc down to the desk...I've tried grippy pads, etc but need something a bit more permanent...anyone use anything like 3M sticky pads? need something that will not mark the desk in any way. Cheers in advance, Matt
  8. Leglessmatt

    SSD in Netbook - O/S of choice?

    thanks for the replies, and moving the post to the right forum. Here's a quick update (for anyone crazy enough to try a similar 'project').... 1 - I downloaded Windows 7 home premium, used the existing O/S key, then realised it was an upgrade key from Windows 7 Started edition....so.....1 1a - I downloaded Windows 7 starter (could have amended the file so it displays a choice of version but couldnt be bothered) - installed Starter edition 2 - Booted into Windows 7 Starter and used the 'Anytime Upgrade' app to use the upgrade key to install Home Premium 3- downloaded drivers etc. Currently running Windows update, after checking the log it seems to be taking about 5/6 hours to return updates! crazy but I guess the servers are being hammered by people upgrading to Windows 10 (if they are the same servers). Not attempted Windows 10 as yet but may do some more Windows 7 updates and see if they speed up (i.e. if there is a driver or something I've missed that Windows Update picks up). Then I'll try Windows 10. Cheers! Matt
  9. Hi All... Soooooo, I've come across an old netbook (Toshiba NB305-106) with 1gb of RAM, 250gb HDD, 1.66 single core Atom...dodgy keyboard, that seems to be from around 2009. As a laugh I've updated the ram to 2gb, and cloned the HHD to a spare Sammy 850 Evo... The Tosh is currently running Windows 7 Home Premium (sticker on the back says Home Basic but i think there was a deal for £20 to upgrade with a code purchased with the netbook. Only problem so far seems to be that Windows update doesnt work (continually 'Checking for updates'). Main question is - would anyone recommend (attempting) to 'upgrade' to Windows 10 - i.e. is that better on netbooks? or Windows 8.1? Guess I can do a clean install using a download iso from the MS website and magical jellybean to get the licence code, but last time I did that I was running marathons. cheers in advance. Happy xmas, Matt
  10. Leglessmatt

    Tech Things You Dont Know But Are Too Afraid To Ask.

    Google everything.
  11. wasn't there also a 'cable select' option too, or was that never really used, or used for something else?
  12. Leglessmatt

    Widi - is it still a thing?

    Hi people! Just wondered if anyone has any experience using Widi (the intel wireless display thing)... I have a mac and secretly hoping that they will support it - but not holding hopes up as they have Apple TV 'solution' already. Those who have used it (if anyone), is it any good for 1080p over wireless n? Cheers Matt Sent from my iphone - hence multiple edits and spelling corrections.
  13. Leglessmatt

    Compressed air, uncompressed price

    Blowing pubes out of keyboards mainly.In my case I've been redecorating so need to blow some dust out of my xbo...PC!
  14. Leglessmatt

    Compressed air, uncompressed price

    I'm into scuba, so there must be some adapter I can put on a pony bottle...£11.99 sounds redonkadonk
  15. Don't post here much but my local computer shop tried selling my mum some compressed air in a can for £11.99 and I feel a little sick. Please tell me this is not how much this costs... Cheers