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  1. If you think it will make the channel overall better then that's great. I don't think you should totally abandon unboxings though, it would still be nice to see the odd one.
  2. I know that the fans in 550D do generate a decent amount of noise, and so do the stock H100i fans, i think like 37DBA if I'm not mistaken. But no doubt, those reference 570s must be loud, if you're going for the red/black colour scheme then go for the Asus card, I've heard it's pretty quiet. I would recommend switching out your case and radiator fans in the future though, that is if you want a totally silent PC.
  3. Go with the 660ti dude, you'll be kicking yourself later if you don't.
  4. Do you think 6ms response time is too slow for gaming? Like will I notice it?
  5. Alright, thanks for the suggestion buddy.
  6. Yes, I would way rather have a high res IPS instead of a 120hz TN.
  7. I'm currently thinking about getting a 1440p monitor. It will be for gaming and everyday use so I don't want the response time to be more than 5ms. Oh, and I would prefer it to be an IPS or PLS panel. Would would you guys suggest?
  8. How did you show your rig like that on the side?
  9. Will post my rig soon! I just can't get good shots because of the lighting. I'll try and do it tomorrow with some good natural light.