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  1. Unfortunately it's on backorder. I'm in Calgary was looking for something local
  2. Just got my first ever laptop. I would like a mouse to go with it as I hate trackpads. Any recommendations for an affordable gaming mouse? I see mice for like $100 that's insanity to me. I'm not to much of an FPS player so don't need anything crazy. I think the laptop has built in bluetooth, any affordable bluetooth mice that would be a good match? Thanks
  3. Here's the one I was looking at (Canadian dollars) https://www.costco.ca/HP-Omen-17-W151NR-English-Notebook%2c-i7-6700HQ.product.100323921.html
  4. Any thoughts on the HP Omen 17-W151NR? Seems for the price I can't find anything that comes close. If I get it from costco I get 2 years warrenty from costco + 90 days hassle free return. Thanks.
  5. Looking for something that I can game with. I will primarily be using it in hotels. I've been looking at the HP Omen 17-W151NR. Seems to be pretty decent bang for the buck. I could also get it at costco for an extra year warrenty + 90 day exchange if I wanted. If I could get a lightweight 15 with around the same specs I might consider going that route but for the extra few pounds it seems a 17" screen would be more up my alley.