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  1. So according to this review the RX 590 consumes a peak of 239W in game, and the RX 580 has a peak of 208W. So my CX 450M should still be capable for the RX 590, correct?
  2. My current setup is: Ryzen 5 1500X MSI B350 Motherboard GTX 650 GPU 8 GB RAM 480 GB SSD Corsair CX 450M PSU I'm long overdue for a GPU upgrade and am considering a RX 580 or RX 590, preferably a Sapphire NITRO+. My CPU has a TDP of 65W and the GPUs each have a TDP of 235W. That is a total of 300W, so 150W left for motherboard, drives, fans etc. Will my Corsair CX 450M be sufficient for this upgrade?
  3. My new AUKEY KM-G8 (no lighting) dosen't seem to work. When I connect it either to my Desktop PC or laptop, none of them recognize it (no windows sound) and typing doesn't register (for example in a text document). Also none of the lights for caps lock, Num Pad or the third light up. I've also tried rebooting but I still can't get it to work For reference, my old keyboard gets recognized immediately (with windows sound) and also the Num Pad light turns on. I don't think this is a driver problem or? On the Aukey site there are no drivers for any of the keyboards, only a software for a RGB keyboard. Is there some way for me to fix it? Or should I return it and request a new one?
  4. So in a 32 Bit Computer there are 232 = 4,29 * 109 possible memory cells. Each cell can hold 32 Bits of Data, so that would result in 232 * 32 Bit = 1,37 * 1011 Bits. And as 8 Bit = 1 Byte: (232 * 32)/8 Bytes = 1,72 * 1010 Bytes = 17,2 GB. But I thought 32 Bit PCs could only support up to 4 GB (that value would correspond to the 232 available cells). So is one Byte now 32 Bits? Or is it just 4 GB as only one value can fit in each cell and letters/numbers that were formally just 8 Bit are now stretched to 32 Bits? Wouldn't this lead to three quarters of the Memory being free if only these 8 Bit letters/number were used?
  5. jippiee

    Hard Drive Recovery Process

    I've googled it and it seems like this screen is for purposfuly reseting your PC. So I clicked on No. The PC shut it self down. After that it booted up normaly into windows.
  6. jippiee

    Hard Drive Recovery Process

    I restarted my Toshiba Laptop, and shortly after signing in windows crashed and said it was collecting data. This was somehow interrupted, I guess. Now I have a black screen with a blue box in the middle saying: "The Hard Drive Recovery Process has been selected. Please chosse [Yes] if you are sure that you want to continue. [Yes] [No]" Should I seletct this? And will this reset my PC?
  7. jippiee

    Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

    GPU Overclocking pls
  8. jippiee

    900€ Gaming Setup

    For what reason should I pay 10€ more for the Gigabyte GA-AB350M-Gaming 3 MoBo instead of the ASRock AB350M Pro4? I can't see a big difference so I would be happy if you could show me the benefits for it.
  9. jippiee

    900€ Gaming Setup

    Ok thank you very much!
  10. jippiee

    900€ Gaming Setup

    So you think it is ok for the mointor to be about the cost of the GPU as there are also monitors for ~half the price but without Freesync and 1ms responce time etc. Will I even notice the difference?
  11. 1. Budget & Location My Budget is around 900€ ( ~960$ ) and I live in Germany. 2. Aim I am currently only palying older games like modern warfare 2 but I want to be able to play EA Battlefront & Battlefront II when it comes out. I also want the system to be able to handle games in the next 3-4 years as I will probably get more games by then. 3. Monitors I will only want one monitor and am strongly considering the ASUS VG245H Gaming Monitor - 24" FHD (1920x1080) 1ms, GameFast Input Technology, FreeSync™. 4. Peripherals I've already got a gaming mouse, mousepad and a headset. I will probably be able to get a keyboard and an SSD from a friend of mine. 5. Why are you upgrading? Because I am using a five year old laptop with integrated graphics.... I think you get the point. PartList: https://geizhals.de/?cat=WL-794228 CPU: € 202 AMD Ryzen 5 1500X, 4x 3.50GHz, boxed (YD150XBBAEBOX) GPU: € 218 Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 580 4GD5, 4GB GDDR5, DVI, 2x HDMI, 2x DisplayPort, lite retail (11265-09-20G) MoBo: € 81 ASRock AB350M Pro4 (90-MXB520-A0UAYZ) RAM: € 71 Kingston HyperX Fury schwarz DIMM 8GB, DDR4-2666, CL15-17-17 (HX426C15FB/8) PS: € 51 Corsair CX Series Modular CX450M 450W ATX 2.4 (CP-9020101-EU/CP-9020101-UK) Case: € 81 Fractal Design Define Mini C mit Sichtfenster, schallgedämmt (FD-CA-DEF-MINI-C-BK-W) Monitor: € 181 ASUS VG245H Gaming Monitor - 24" FHD (1920x1080) 1ms, GameFast Input Technology, FreeSync™ Storage: € 0 ? SSD 120 GB ( ? ) OS: € 30 Windows 10 Home from kinguin.net Sum: ~ € 900 I would like to be able to save a few bucks without losing performance so CPU and GPU fit for me. (the RX 570 might also be a compromise but as the System is for Gaming a good graphics card is a must) But the case and monitor? they are both quite expensive for this build in my eyes but I'm also not sure how much quality I will lose with going cheaper there. The monitor is the most used hardware as its the main interface so I would like to have a good one. But its almost the same cost as the RX 580 so will its low response time, Freesync etc. be actualy useful? And for the case I just really like the look of the Fractal Design Define Mini C with all its features but how much quality will I lose if go with a cheaper case? (no dust filters etc.) How harmful is that for my system? I would sitll like a micro ATX case for the smaller footprint on my desk and the easier option to transport it to Lan Parties which I do rather frequently. If you know a budget friendly alternative for the case or monitor I would be happy to hear it!