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  1. I really need to try that. I'll have to wait until the family is gone so no one can fuss about Plex being down lol
  2. Space and power consumption mostly. While it only brought it down a little it did help. Plus by selling off the parts I've actually come out ahead money-wise.
  3. So I recently moved my gaming PC into my unraid server and sold off the extra parts. I've had way more performance degradation than I expected in games. The old system was a 8600k with 16gb of ddr4 3200 ram. My VM has an Intel 660p nvme ssd, 1080ti, and usb 3.0 expansion card passed through with 6 physical cores of a 2920x and 16gb of ram assigned. Playing at 1440p I went from ~100fps to ~80fps on ffxiv. It'll dip down into the 30fps range in congested areas. Destiny 2 took a similar hit going from a steady 120+fps to barely holding 60. Which seems extreme from what I've experienced in the past. What I'm wondering is if this is to be expected switching from bare metal to vitalization or is it compounded by the change in CPU also? Has anyone else had a similar experience?
  4. I didn't take time to sift through all of this but does the lines put in the grub config matter between amd and intel?
  5. Essentially I want to build the computer and install all the drivers and software but have it so he can setup the his account and such like a new oem computer. Is such a thing possible?
  6. That looks like it would be almost perfect for my needs. I never thought about arctic even though I use their cpu coolers on my home server, lol. Thanks for your help!
  7. Sorry, I didn't think about it. The model is 06G-P4-6161-KR
  8. I purchased an EVGA GTX 1060 single fan a while back and recently started using it in my daily driver. It works well for 2560x1080 gaming but tends to get crazy hot with the poor heatsink that it came with. (63°C at idle) Is there some sort of aftermarket cooler I could install? I haven't been able to find anything outside of maybe a custom liquid cooling block.
  9. I'll give it a shot once I have a backup of my current os. Worse comes to worst I can just slip back to my current configuration. Thanks for your help!
  10. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! For some reason I run into a lot of stability issues running windows on my current unraid server. It handles linux mint perfectly fine but crashes with windows. All I can figure is the bulldozer amd architecture doesn't agree with virtualized windows. I had a different setup using a fx 6100 cpu which had no problems running windows but couldn't game for poops. It had a lot of frame drops and stuttering; not to mention the sound would work great for a few minutes then go into a slow motion garble. I may try unraid in my current machine once I get a spare ssd to move my current win10 install to, and then use my 2x 240g ssd as cache. My idea for building new was to open my options up for the future. When the time came that a vm couldn't keep up with my needs I could build new with whatever the current tech would be and still have a strong running server for various other needs. Not to mention I'm expecting my wife's pc to crap out within the next few months and might have to share hardware with her making the extra cores a little more useful.
  11. Hi, so I have an idea to combine my unraid server (here) which runs 24/7 hosting plex +a file server +a mint vm, and my windows 10 gaming machine (here) and selling off my old hardware. My primary hope is to lower my overall power consumption and hopefully save a little desk space. The hardware I had in mind to start with would be an asrock ep2c602 mobo, dual xeon e5 2670 and 32gb of ram (maybe eventually 64 if I need it), the gtx 1080 I already have, all the storage I have between the 2 machines, probably a new psu 800-1000w as my current psu is getting older, and reusing the case that houses my unraid server as it should work just fine. As far as vm hardware setup the thought was I could allocate 4-8 physical cores and 16gb of ram to my windows 10 daily driver, 2 cores and 4gb of ram to my mint vm, and let whatever dockers I have handle the rest. While the mobo would be expensive the processors and ram are going for cheap if bought used or refurbished. I mostly game and do light video editing on my windows machine. I would like to keep my budget as low as possible only buying parts I can't reuse. Anywho...would combining my systems in such a manner as this lower my power consumption, and would switching from a dedicated system to a vm noticeably lessen gaming performance? Thanks! -Andrew
  12. That's what I had thought but was afraid to try. Thanks so much for your help!
  13. So basically I have 2x 240Gb ssd in raid 0 as my main boot drive which at the time of building my computer seemed like a great idea because I had them and didn't want to buy a larger ssd. Now, however, I would like to move those 2 ssd into my unraid machine as cache and use a plextor nvme as boot. Would it be possible to clone the raid 0 install to the nvme? I know you can't clone for hdd to ssd but I wasn't sure about raid to ssd. Thanks for whatever help you can offer! -Andrew