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  1. Yes actually. They've lived in my closet all this time. Send me a DM so we don't crowd this up
  2. My company just wrote off some old Android computers. The computer itself is an industrial panel running Android 4.4.4. Here is the product page https://teguar.com/tp-a945-07-android-panel-pc.html It is not possible to update it beyond that. The OS is baked into a soldered on emmc chip and does not have an accessable boot loader of any kind. The unit has a touchscreen, 2 USB ports, an SD card slot, a micro USB, an ethernet port and a db9 Com port. That's about it. There is no battery, no wifi, no Bluetooth, no Google services, no GPS, no speakers, no cameras, and no physical buttons. It comes with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of storage. It's a very simple computer that is purpose built to only have one function when deployed in an industrial environment. Usually these are programmed to run something like a large conveyer, or a punch clock or a machine or some kind. I don't really know Android well enough to code for it and it doesn't seem overtly useful as is. So I turn to the community. A Co worker of mine suggested he would use his as aa makeshift elgato stream deck. I like that idea alot but I have no idea how we would do it. I also open to other ideas too Let me know what you think. what would you use this for?
  3. I have a Garmin vivoactive HR smart watch. I can set a vibration alarm on it. Actually vibration is actually the only way the watch outputs to the user aside from the screen. The vibration can be a little loud but its far quieter than an audible alarm.
  4. Well dang. It might not be worth it then to rebuy Netflix, and get a VPN if there's that chance that Netflix would just deny it anyway
  5. Really? I had Netflix at one point. it had the same problem as hulu; not uploading content. Wonder why it would be on Netflix Canada but not US. Either way wouldn't a VPN not mix too well with a video stream?
  6. I want to get digital downloads for TV series, Cartoons mainly because I'm ultimately a kid at heart. Before I go forward here, I don't want illegal downloads: They aren't good quality, they can be complicated to obtain, and mainly I actually do enjoy the shows I want to buy and want to support the creators. I currently have Hulu as my only source of TV. They are terrible at uploading the latest content. Im looking for -Avatar the last airbender (one of my all time favorites) -The Legend of Korra (seen some, like it) -Steven Universe -Adventure time I've looked for the individual shows on the internet but its actually surprisingly difficult to find whole seasons for sale in 1080p that aren't on DVDs or Blurays What do you guys think?
  7. Cool that's what I thought, I was just concerned about running different kits at the rated (or close to it) speeds.
  8. Hello, I want to upgrade my system to 32GB of ram for caching as well as just necessity. I currently have this kit https://www.amazon.com/Corsair-Vengeance-3000MHz-Desktop-Memory/dp/B014JESKRW/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1547488679&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=corsair%2Bvengeance%2Blpx%2B16gb%2Bddr4&dpPl=1&dpID=41AGvSmY-fL&ref=plSrch&th=1&psc=1 If I purchase a second one of these, what is the chances of these working well together? Will I be able to run all 4 of these stickss at their rated 3000mhz speed when paired with a Ryzen 7 1700? Thanks for your time
  9. I'm looking for a new hobby. I like to build and upgrade things to make them faster and perform better. I'm already into PCs, cars, blacksmithing, audio, and electronics. -My PC is already about as good as I need it to be. Any more upgrades will start to see diminishing returns. -My car is in the shop now. Once I pay off the mechanics, I'll likely just leave it alone due to the $3000 cost of the repairs. -Blacksmithing requires a significant amount of time. That being said the place where I have it right now will not be available to me by the end of this year and ill have put all of that stuff into storage. -Audio has the same issue as my pc -Electronics require a need/want to change something and I'm happy with all of my electronics now. I've thought about getting into 3D printing, but I am a bit put off by having to calibrate the machine before each use and having it take multiple hours to complete a small print. Plus the initial startup funds are a bit steep. Wood working and metal working are both things that I am mildly interested in and already do but as I mentioned earlier I will be losing my workspace here soon. What do you think? What hobbies do you have that you work towards to improve in some way?
  10. Sweet. I just placed a bid on a hd60 on eBay. We'll see if that goes anywhere. Can OBS record on my screen? Or would I need a different piece of software to screen capture?
  11. wwowouldn't happen to know whatever I could find a capture card that wasn't too expensive, would you?
  12. That's actually not a bad idea. I could run it all in a VM on my ryzen 7 1700. The issue is that I still have to purchase 1 capture card. Still though, we're on the right track
  13. My girlfriend and I want to start streaming for fun. We want viewers to be able to see both of our point of views at the same time, as well as hear audio from both PCs at once. We would then have just one mic as we are on the a same network in the same room. once everything is said and done I am imagining it would look like a split-screen game from something like a console style game. My issue is that I don't know how to do this with software and we cannot afford capture cards for both computers. I have a spare PC with an old core i7 in it that I want to send both video streams to. From this computer I would then stream to the internet. I have tried to use VLC to stream but cant seem to get that working at all. How would we go about setting this up?
  14. Lol I'm so glad I'm not the only that instantly thought that
  15. The seller said that they never registered it so it very likely still has a warranty. It's definitely worth looking into. I'll have to check tomorrow. If the warranty is not valid I'd like to see if an aftermarket air cooler would fit. Even if the PCB isn't reference (I actually don't know if it is or isn't) I've also contemplated using a CPU cooler and modfiying it to fit. That's a bit of a stretch though.
  16. It does slow the eventual heating to 75. But it's also loud as hell. I didn't try that. I was going to attempt to perserve the void sticker if possible but I haven't tried it
  17. Yea I've considered that. I'm just terrified of water cooling. My thought process is if there were to be a leak, I wouldn't be able to afford to replace the hardware thast was damaged. Plus I would still want to have the RAM chips and VRMs to be cooled Did that already... That didn't seem to help too much
  18. Hey everyone. I just purchased a PNY GTX 1070Ti (dual fan) secondhand from ebay. The seller did not use it in mining and they did not have any other cards for sale. I love this card but it runs really hot. It will hit thermal limit (83C) after some time in Destiny 2 Doing some research I found that this particular card is just a hot one. It seems to be more of a design flaw than usage thing. That being said I don't think there is anything physically wrong with it. Id like to find some creative ways to increase cooling performance. Right now I have set a blower style fan on the end of the card and that actually did help by a couple degrees. I've looked into aftermarket coolers but I believe I need a reference design for that to work. What do you think? Whats a creative way to cool off a graphics card? p.s. The case is a Corsair Carbide Air 540, so airflow is not a problem here.
  19. This turned out to be really good. Its not as intuitive as inventor but it works well for being free.
  20. This could be my solution. I'll try it out when I get home from work and let you know
  21. With my drawing skill? That would be a negative. Plus with pencil and paper I can't assemble it to find flaws in my design Do you have a link? The lowest I could find this software for on Autodesk's website was $40/month. This is much closer to a real price that I could afford but it's still $40/month that I would have to budget around. I have used this and it's good for what it is, especially with the ability to export to .obj. But it is still lacking in what I need I am no longer a student. I tried. Autodesk knows.
  22. I want to make individual parts with measurements that I can use to actually make said parts in real life out of wood or metal. I then want to take those individual parts and assemble them all together in the software. I essentially want Autodesk Inventor just not for $2800
  23. I tried sketchup. The software was okay. But I felt it difficult to use, even with all the tutorial videos. Can Blender do that? I was under the impression that blender was more for 3D rendering for video gam graphics and things of the like.
  24. Hello Everyone, I am looking to do some 3D modeling in a CAD software for some personal designs and just for fun. I want to make individual parts and then assemble them together. I am well versed in Autodesk Inventor but I am stuck only using 30 day trials with only a few days left. I especially like this software for its ease of use. But I don't really have all that much need for the built in simulations that it can do. I used this software for years when I was in school. But now I am not and the education versions don't work anymore. I am looking for a new 3D solid modeling CAD software but I cant afford much. I've tried Sketchup but felt the software was difficult to use. I've tried FreeCad but that software was even more difficult. The only one I did seem to enjoy that was free was Tinkercad. But it is significantly lacking in what it can do. I am willing to pay for the software, but I cant afford much. I can do around like $10/month or $100/year. Any more than that is just beyond what I can pay. So now I turn to the community to help me with my endeavor --------What is a good free or otherwise inexpensive 3D solid modeling CAD software that I can use for personal use to make parts and assemblies? ---------It would also be a bonus significantly if it can support the cad files I have already made in inventor. p.s. Didn't really know where an appropriate place for this thread to be. If this is too off topic please do inform me.
  25. They need to design this for standard ryzen CPUs. I'd totally get one. At 250W it would compete with the likes of the Dark Rock pro 4 at least on mainstream platforms.